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The Bible: Accuracy and Inerrancy
Is the Bible the inerrant word of God? Or is it the words of men?
443 45974 Is the Bible the inerrant word of God? Or is it the words of men? 
07-20-2016 4:29 PM
Big Bang and Cosmology
Did the universe begin as a vastly dense singularity billions of years ago, or with God's immortal words just some thousands of years ago? How do Creationism and science explain the universe we see today?
343 25382 Have quantum interpretations been experimentally verified? 
02-21-2017 3:22 PM
Dates and Dating
Single and looking? Too bad, you've come to the wrong place. But if you want to discuss the rocks of ages past or the ages of rocks then this is the forum for you!
163 10417 Assumptions involved in scientific dating 
02-22-2017 6:19 AM
Education and Creation/Evolution
Should Creationism be taught in public schools? Should evolution?
171 17585 Earth science curriculum tailored to fit wavering fundamentalists 
05-25-2016 6:55 AM
Biological Evolution
Are today's species the products of descent with modification? Or are they the divine creation of God?
984 65752 Disadvantageous Mutations: Figures 
03-21-2017 3:28 PM
Geology and the Great Flood
According to Genesis, Noah collected his family and the animals of the world on his ark to survive the great flood. Did it really happen? Or is it scientifically impossible?
279 35285 The Great Creationist Fossil Failure 
01-25-2017 9:55 AM
Human Origins and Evolution
Is modern man the product of evolution, or God's most perfect creation?
179 11645 A good summary of so called human evolution. 
03-18-2017 7:07 PM
Intelligent Design
Is evidence of the divine apparent in the design of nature itself?
283 29086 Intelligent Design just a question for evolutionists 
01-06-2017 8:44 PM
Is It Science?
Is Creationism science? Is evolution? What is the nature of science, and is either one really science?
485 42197 A Simplified Proof That The Universe Cannot Be Explained 
10-29-2016 12:06 PM
Creation/Evolution Miscellany
Can't decide in which forum your topic belongs? Perhaps it belongs here!
642 38635 A very brief history of Human Life 
02-19-2017 3:30 PM
Origin of Life
Did life really begin naturally billions of years ago, or just a few thousand years ago in the six days of creation.
124 10136 Self-Replicating Molecules - Life's Building Blocks (Part II) 
03-03-2017 8:49 AM

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