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[qs]Is the graph I stole from RAZ the be-all-and-end-all of evidence against trickle down theory? Or is there more?

If so what is the core evidence that refutes trickle down economic theory?[/qs]

Well surely the fact that [i]wealth does not actually trickle down[/i] refutes the trickle-down hypothesis.

For more data, I suppose one could graph disparities of wealth against mean or median GDP and see if the correlation is positive, negative, or non-existent.

But really, what we would need is for one of the proponents of the trickle-down "theory" to list some of its predictions. Note that "If you cut rich people's taxes this year we'll be better off next year than we would have been if you didn't" doesn't count, 'cos of the absence of a control group. That would be more in the nature of a dogmatic assertion.

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