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[qs=brennakimi]there is no logical or rational defense for creationism. this is repeatedly proven on this site. creationism is based solely on arguments of emotion from authority period. since buz can't deal with this blatant reality, he decided to shut jar up.
abuse of power 3.0.[/qs]

Brennakimi, no such claim relative to the Biblicalist creationist constituency at large has been <i>proven</i> on this site. Did you read my admin action on member jar? Surely both you and Jar are aware that Biblicalist creationist arguments have not all been conducted purely on emotion and they/we do use other aspects of creationism agenda such as what I itemized in my moderation action. Whether or not you agree with the arguments of your counterpart members is immaterial for the purpose of this discussion.

How about specifying why you think my action was an abuse of power. Btw, are you aware that it was Admin who administered the suspension on Jar and not AdminBuz?

[qs=AdminBuz action]This thread is about Faith and her conduct and not member Jar's thread to insult and demean the creationist constituency of EvC. Creationists use such things as archeology, fulfilled prophecy, history, laws of science and other reason/logic/reality in the forum debates. Either cease and desist using these threads for your bash-creationist agenda or you get some time off yourself.[/qs]

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