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[qs]The fossil bed at Agate Springs, Nebraska. Question: did all those organisms (wild boars, rhinocerus, & extinct mammals of many kinds) all migrate to this spot just to die together?[/qs]

When you say die together, do you mean on the same day, month, year, century? Or what? And what evidence is there to confirm your answer?

[qs]Or perhaps they were the last of the animal world with enough mobility to escape to higher ground the rising flood waters that was presently destroying the world?[/qs]
It could be a lot of things.

I assume that you plan to show conclusively that there indeed was a global flood. Since this is what you believe to be the reason for the fossil bed.
[qs]There are many such locations of thousands (in some cases millions) of organisms that were likewise crushed and fossilized instantly.[/qs]

I will concede that you could call these fossil beds a prediction of a global flood hypothesis. But a hypothesis needs more than one prediction to hold any merit.

Is your hypothesis correct? Was there a world wide flood? What evidence shows this?

But we are just getting started here and I assume you plan to show that there was indeed a global flood.

Let us see how well you do.

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