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Originator: jar, 05-31-2018 8:10 PM
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Topic's mood 1 Message 1
By jar
05-31-2018 8:10 PM
Topic's mood 2 Thread Copied from Proposed New Topics Forum (Message 2)
By Admin
05-31-2018 8:34 PM
Topic's mood 3 Superposition (Message 3)
By jar
06-01-2018 6:49 AM
Topic's mood 4 Inclusion. (Message 4)
By jar
06-01-2018 5:03 PM
Topic's mood 5 Intrusion (Message 5)
By jar
06-02-2018 8:46 AM
Topic's mood 6 observed processes tell us more than hypothetical ones. (Message 6)
By jar
06-02-2018 5:12 PM
Topic's mood 7 hypothotical processes are usefull in making predictions. (Message 7)
By jar
06-02-2018 8:30 PM
Topic's mood 8 Looking at recent history. (Message 8)
By jar
06-05-2018 8:37 PM
Topic's mood 9 going back to the present is the key to the past: (Message 9)
By jar
06-06-2018 11:50 AM

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Thread is open, very active, and has unread messages.
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