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Author Topic:   Ignorant Creationists vs. Knowledgeable Evolutionists
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11-22-2004 12:24 PM
Reply to: Message 187 by Buzsaw
11-20-2004 7:29 PM

Re: Questions and answers
You claim that something had to always exist. This merely pushes the same question back a step. If one thing (be it god or anything else) can exist (eternally or otherwise) uncreated, why can nothing else? If complexity and order exists at the heart of the universe (again, be it god or anything else), why is that example of complexity unique? Why can complexity not occur spontaneously elsewhere? That's why the line of argument you are engaging in is called a special pleading. It is the fallacious position of stating that a rule applies in all cases, except in a particular one.

It should be noted that a possible instance of order and complexity existing eternally (I do not state that such exists) is only a contradiction when one also states that complexity requires design, which is the ID or creationist position. It is not a contradiction to the converse position, that complexity can spontaneously arise.

I apologize for my brusque behavior, and I am properly reprimanded by your polite replies.

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 Message 187 by Buzsaw, posted 11-20-2004 7:29 PM Buzsaw has not yet responded

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