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Author Topic:   Jar is a faggot!
Guido Arbia
Member (Idle past 229 days)
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Joined: 01-19-2004

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06-30-2006 6:32 PM

You know what that skanky little hussy did? He banned me from the Chat again! What did I do so wrong to get banned from the chat? First he is all like, "Guido, your done for tonight," telling me I can't go on the chat anymore for the rest of the night. Then I come back and AdminAsgara asks me if I am ready to behave. I say yes. So I figured I was allowed to stay. Then all I did was log off to change my alias and come back. Now the pissy prick Jar says, "Guido, what did I tell you to do?" I was like, "Stay off for the night?" and he was like, "I am very serious." So I called him a bitch and logged off. Then I log back on later to tell Jar that he is a fucking bastard and a cunt rag, because he is one. The next thing I know I am bumped off the chat and banned for the month! What a whorish little cock face!

So in this topic I would like to discuss Jar's resignation from the board adminsitration. Givin proper reasoning, you will of course, comply with my proposal.

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 Message 2 by AdminOmni, posted 06-30-2006 6:39 PM Guido Arbia has not yet responded
 Message 3 by Phat, posted 07-04-2006 9:33 AM Guido Arbia has not yet responded

Inactive Member

Message 2 of 3 (327878)
06-30-2006 6:39 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Guido Arbia
06-30-2006 6:32 PM

Now complying with your request.
Bye, Guido.

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    Trust me.

    This message is a reply to:
     Message 1 by Guido Arbia, posted 06-30-2006 6:32 PM Guido Arbia has not yet responded

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    Message 3 of 3 (328708)
    07-04-2006 9:33 AM
    Reply to: Message 1 by Guido Arbia
    06-30-2006 6:32 PM

    Suspended for life
    Guido, you have been suspended for life from EvC. There is nothing I can do about it, for all the administrators are in agreement.
    I do enjoy talking with you, so if you want to contact me, my e-mail is thugpreacha@comcast.net or you can find me on MySpace at

    I deal with a lot of kids your age, and I will listen to your rants and hear you preach as well! :) I DO agree that your outburst here at EvC was totally unacceptable, (although we all have our moments)
    but I also understand that 14 year olds have some powerful emotions.
    I won't contact you again unless you contact me, but rest assured that I will listen to any and all Guidology that you wish to preach! :rolleyes:

    This message is a reply to:
     Message 1 by Guido Arbia, posted 06-30-2006 6:32 PM Guido Arbia has not yet responded

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