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Author Topic:   Will the human race split into two species?
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11-16-2006 4:21 PM

The article proposing this idea is located here.

I want to discuss a few things concerning this article.

1. Will technology be a deterrent to the human race in the long run?
Technology is great currently for the human race. Plumbing systems, health care, and communications have all helped societies considerably. However it might get to the point where all our needs can be solved by pressing a button. Our need for food, sex, and even emotional needs.

2. Will we lose emotions such as love, hate jealousy?
Of course they are a deterrent to us now, and we would be much more civilized without emotion, however it seems as though we live for the good emotions. Without emotion we just live, like domestic animals.

3. Finally how can the human race split into two races?
The way described in the article dosn't make much sense, and they don't back up their claims with any evidence, or patterns they see in evolution today. The claim they make is that over time people will get more and more pickier about their partners, however i don't see this happening enough to segrate into 2 species.

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11-17-2006 5:47 AM

Thread copied to the Will the human race split into two species? thread in the In The News (Creation/Evolution only) forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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