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Author Topic:   Intelligent Design == Human Design?
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06-10-2010 6:45 PM
Reply to: Message 195 by lyx2no
06-10-2010 6:16 PM

Re: Analagy for expansion......
Hi lyx2no

I think your analogy has gone a step too far.

Undoubtedly so!! Maths was never my strong point! I read your link to Cavediver's description of dimensional spheres and am still scratching my head. But I'm still wondering if my analogy holds - a 2D 'sphere' (as in an expanding balloon with zero depth - if one can imagine such a structure) expanding into the third dimension of depth....and whether if so, that third dimension going backwards - i.e. into the balloons interior wouldn't represent an earlier condition of the 2D 'membrane' that is now 'inside' the volume of the balloon (and therefore inaccessible to a 2D inhabitant on the balloon surface). Or am I totally mixing up 2D and 3D structures here....the mind boggles!! One thing is for sure - if Iím having difficulties over 2D versus 3D, then I can't see how on earth anyone can 'visualise' structure on multi-dimensions above the 3D level.

When mathematicians talk of 11 or 26 dimensions that must surely by pure maths talking now.....no wonder our creationist friends struggle with the constructs involved!

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