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Author Topic:   Professional Debate: Scientific Evidence for/against Evolution… “Any Takers?”
Dr Adequate
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Message 76 of 196 (592811)
11-22-2010 9:53 AM
Reply to: Message 71 by Eye-Squared-R
11-22-2010 12:20 AM

Re: Dr. Adequate’s Commitment
Oh, we'd better add one further stipulation. You yourself must not write a word of the thing, not a preface, not an introduction, not chapter headings.

Publishers' readers must get enough angry screeds on evolution from people whose literary style verges on the batshit crazy, and throwing them away must by now be automatic.

Edited by Dr Adequate, : No reason given.

Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Get rid of yellow color in subtitle.

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Message 77 of 196 (600703)
01-16-2011 4:30 PM
Reply to: Message 73 by Coyote
11-22-2010 12:37 AM

Re: Dr. Adequate’s Commitment
Hello Coyote,

I find your posts to be generally respectable and your opinions firm.

Coyote in Message 73 writes:

Hint: knock off the fancy colors.
Your post looks like a French whorehouse.

The colored fonts in Messages 71 distinguish participants in the format recommended by Dr. Adequate. The background colors demarcate the examples for an easier read. This forum is aimed at increasing knowledge and understanding. Criticism of style is welcome but it would be most helpful if you address the content in response.

Coyote in Message 31 writes:

You can put me down as "out" also…
And to answer your question: Yes, I have read Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions. It was required for a theory class in graduate school.
By the way, half of my study in graduate school was fossil man, evolution, and related subjects.

In Message 14, you listed 57 journals that you could leverage in support of neo-Darwinism and you mentioned there were others.

Coyote in Message 37 writes:

In a debate concerning the theory of evolution it is impossible for a creationist to avoid, for very long, one or more of the following:

--Denying scientific data
--Ignoring scientific data
--Misrepresenting scientific data, or
--Misinterpreting scientific data.

And in Message 28 of Ignorant, stupid or insane? (Or maybe wicked?):

Coyote writes:

What we are telling you is that the empirical evidence, from many fields of study, strongly suggests that microbes did become elephants and all the other extant critters.

That’s precisely what’s needed for a publishable debate with a creationist Coyote; that empirical evidence for the gradual development of newly functioning organs, features, or capabilities (e.g. brain, heart, kidney, liver, feathers, sonar, intercontinental navigation) resulting (at least in part) in progressively more advanced types of critters within a population over time.

Considering your education, journal resources, and conviction, would you mind sharing with us your reason for declining to commit to a professional publishable debate concerning the scientific evidence for/against evolution as described in the OP and Message 10? If nothing else, could you at least make a public commitment to “chip in” for Dr. Adequate in one of the various disciplines if the doctor were to firmly commit to debate a creationist?

Not trying to goad or provoke – just curious. You obviously have a lot to offer and the results could possibly help educate the masses outside EVC Forum.

Your consideration is appreciated.

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 Message 73 by Coyote, posted 11-22-2010 12:37 AM Coyote has responded

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 Message 83 by Coyote, posted 01-16-2011 5:09 PM Eye-Squared-R has not yet responded

Posts: 68
Joined: 12-08-2009

Message 78 of 196 (600704)
01-16-2011 4:31 PM
Reply to: Message 74 by Dr Adequate
11-22-2010 2:19 AM

Re: “Chip In” Commitments for Dr. Adequate?
Hello doctor,
A brief rehash to bring interested parties up to date…

Eye-Squared-R in Message 63 on 21 August writes:

In the meantime, would you please review the proposal described in Message 1 and confirm that you are firmly committed? Also, would you please try to recruit others with firm commitments to assist you, just in case the need arises? This is a rare opportunity to leverage the professed knowledge and confidence at EVC Forum to educate the majority of Americans who are evidently evolution “unbelievers”. There are lots of folks here at EVC Forum who believe the scientific evidence is clear and evident for neo-Darwinian evolution – but only you have expressed an interest or willingness to defend that belief in a professional publishable format!

I’m going to give it at least twelve weeks in hopes that you and others here will stand and deliver firm commitments to engage in this professional manner – including a public defense of your neo-Darwinian convictions. The publishable finished product could surely be leveraged to educate the majority of American evolution “unbelievers”.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick……….

Eye-Squared-R in Message 72 on 22 November writes:

Well, doctor, I’ve given you thirteen weeks. Unfortunately, you’ve done… nothing… but assume others will “chip in” if needed. Thus, the need to assist you has become evident as detailed in my previous post and repeated here:

List of EVC Forum Members (or any others anywhere) FIRMLY committed to “chip in” for Dr. Adequate in a professional written publishable debate concerning Evolution Vs. Creation involving the scientific disciplines of:

Biology – Insert EVC Forum Evolutionist Name(s) Here:
Cosmology - Insert EVC Forum Evolutionist Name(s) Here (Note: cavediver expressed willingness in Message 34):
Dates and Dating - Insert EVC Forum Evolutionist Name(s) Here:
Geology - Insert EVC Forum Evolutionist Name(s) Here:
Physics - Insert EVC Forum Evolutionist Name(s) Here:

And your incredible shrinking response:

Dr Adequate in Message 74 writes:

Eye-Squared-R in Message 72 writes:

Well, doctor, I’ve given you thirteen weeks.

To do what?

I’ll repeat for you:

  1. To confirm that you are firmly committed and that you will not withdraw for extraneous reasons such as “I don’t have time to ‘write a book for you’.”
  2. Also, to recruit others for publicly stated firm commitments to assist you in the disciplines that I’ve detailed above.
It’s been surprisingly difficult for evolutionists to make firm commitments based in their beliefs and convictions - but the effort is hopefully worthwhile. I’ll take as much time as necessary.

Dr Adequate in Message 74 writes:

I can't debate a creationist until you produce one.

Not so fast my friend. I’m maintaining the objectives described in Message 71 and we’re still in step 1.
I have a confident prediction based on your performance and this thread to date. You will, in fact, eventually express a reason that you cannot debate a creationist in a professional publishable format. If past behavior is an indicator, your reason for quitting will likely include some form of direct denigration.

Dr Adequate in Message 74 writes:

In the meantime, instead of posting a lot of silly blather, will you please answer my question? What steps have you taken to produce one?

I answered your question in Message 72, repeated here:
“…you can rest assured - you will have a qualified creationist for a written publishable debate.”

The steps I’ve taken are as you might expect…

  1. Survey creationists with Ph.D. credentials in science.
  2. Contact qualified creationists and communicate the opportunity for a professional “science only” publishable debate.
  3. Investigate preferred candidates.
The effort to secure a FIRM commitment from the creationist side has been MUCH easier than I’ve found in this thread. In fact, as it stands now, Messages 71 and 72 reveal there is no demonstrated commitment on your part – only complaints that appear to be potential excuses to quit.
This despite your statement in Message 47 of thread Ignorant, stupid or insane? (Or maybe wicked?).

Dr. Adequate writes:

Where it starts to go horribly wrong, of course, is when they start trying to communicate their ignorance, misconceptions and confusion to others, or offer aid and support to those who do. I think that this is somewhat immoral. If someone's going to teach their opinions to others, they have an ethical duty to try to speak the truth; if they are going to support someone else teaching some opinion, they have a duty to try to find out if he's speaking the truth.

Aside from your demonstrated lack of commitment in response to Message 71, there is no expressed commitment whatsoever among any other evolutionists at EVC Forum regarding the specific disciplines that you will definitely need (based on your apparent inability to address the science exercises in Message 71).

Curiously but respectfully,

This message is a reply to:
 Message 74 by Dr Adequate, posted 11-22-2010 2:19 AM Dr Adequate has not yet responded