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Author Topic:   How can I design my own website free?
Junior Member (Idle past 2130 days)
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Joined: 04-02-2011

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04-02-2011 3:51 AM

Dear friend
I am new on internet want some help
I visit a sleek systems dot net its provied me free website but I don’t
Know to make a designing can any one tell how I can make a free website update and designing I am very thankful to you for your convinece .
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 Message 2 by bluegenes, posted 04-02-2011 5:30 AM faisalsaleem has not yet responded

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04-02-2011 5:30 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by faisalsaleem
04-02-2011 3:51 AM

Hi Faisal.

As I understand your request, you've found some free webspace already. (If not, there's plenty - click here)

Designing a basic website is easy, and there are plenty of free lessons available on the Web. Click here.

Important: Ignore the advertisements at the top and on the right of google searches, and check the results instead.

You will find out from those lessons what HTML is. You don't need to learn much of it if you're only designing your own site. Use an HTML cheet sheet like this one. Click here.

The search engine Google is your friend. Use it to make logical searches like the two I made above.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to make a basic text website.

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 Message 1 by faisalsaleem, posted 04-02-2011 3:51 AM faisalsaleem has not yet responded

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05-06-2011 7:26 AM

I think some of the sites provide free website hosting and by using this you can create your own free private website.
I think Freewebs.com,Free-webhosts.com,Putfile.com are the free media hosting service.
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05-06-2011 9:38 AM

Spam, spam, spam
I think this thread is very spam heavy.

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