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Author Topic:   Biological instinct in female to seek out a mate outside of the group.
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Message 52 of 61 (636501)
10-07-2011 1:03 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Taz
10-02-2011 7:04 PM

Taz writes:

I jokingly asked my wife why she didn't marry him, and her answer was "ewww, it's like marrying my brother"

Freeking lie. We have no idea what she really thinks. Do you actually really think she's going to say "well, you know hun, I really wanted to but he's outta my league, and I ended up with you, but hell, who wouldn't want to be with him".???

Of course not! Why the hell should we take HER word for it? What's HE say ABOUT IT?? Why give her all the chips? Women are often "selected" and not doing the "selecting". Maybe she wasn't selected or persued?

Later that day, I asked the in-law and her answer was basically the same.

Yeah, no sheet.

Intrigued by both of their answers, I'd since asked a dozen other females and they all gave the same answer.

Do you really think these women are being honest?? NO FREEKING WAY. Women are insecure. Women don't want us thinking they are insecure. NO woman is going to say well, I just wasn't what he wanted. Women will settle for men much more than we will settle for women. Most women settle and don't think they deserve a guy like the one you decribed. They are lying.

I asked them if they'd date and marry a man who they grew up with in the neighborhood if he was the perfect man of their dream, and they all gave me the same "ewww, that's nasty" answer.

BS. Total BS. Are you kidding me? EVERY woman would want that! The problem is few women have that oppurtunity or he didn't want her and now it's to late. They aren't going to admit any of this to anyone, but deep down they know. What good is it to dwell on what didn't happen? Or that the "dream" didn't come true?

Have I stumbled upon an biological instinct in females to diversify the gene pool by having an instinctual negative reaction to mating a male that's near by?

No you havn't. You've stumbled upon your wife and the other women you interviewed lying to your face as to not insult you or admit to themselves that the dream got away from them and there is nothing they can do about it now. Their in denial.

Creationist views are also welcomed

Thank you. That's my creationist view. Nothing to do with biology, IMO.

Taz, this of course is just(of course) a hypothesis. Your wife may very well be telling you the truth. Im sure your a great guy and a much better catch than that shmuck who was walking his dog.

This is what I think tho, and that most women aren't living the dream. There are some that are, and they are happy and couldn't see marrying anyone else. Women want to marry their best friend.

And if their best friend happens to be a great looking guy from the hood that they know so well that is every woman's dream, do you really think they are thinking "ewwwww"?

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 Message 1 by Taz, posted 10-02-2011 7:04 PM Taz has responded

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10-07-2011 1:26 AM
Reply to: Message 54 by Taz
10-07-2011 1:18 AM

Re: Biology?
does this go with their gay best friend as well?

Im sure the same rules apply, just different circumstances.

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 Message 54 by Taz, posted 10-07-2011 1:18 AM Taz has not yet responded

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