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Author Topic:   Job Opportunity - Postdoctoral Scholar - Understanding Global Change Project, Museum
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03-28-2014 9:54 AM


Postdoctoral Scholar - Understanding Global Change Project, Museum of Paleontology

Recruitment Period
Open Mar 27, 2014 through Apr 30, 2014

The UC Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) is a research unit on the UC Berkeley campus and its mission is to investigate and promote the understanding of the history of life and the diversity of the Earths biota through research and education. The UCMP, in collaboration with the National Center for Science Education, is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar in the area of biological, environmental or geological sciences to develop an online educational resource entitled Understanding Global Change (UGC). Building off the success of the educational resources Understanding Evolution and Understanding Science, the UGC web resource will be a one-stop-shop for educational material related to global change. This is a one-year, full-time position with the possibility of extension for a second year with an anticipated start date of June 1, 2014.

The postdoctoral scholar will be expected to work as a part of a team to research, write and review content for the website. The scholar will be asked to identify and vet current curricular materials and lesson plans to accompany the site, and develop additional materials as appropriate. The scholar will be asked to work with current state science standards to align the materials from the web resource. The scholar will be expected to work with both scientists and educators, make presentations at meetings (both scientific and educational), as well as engage in other outreach activities. This is a unique postdoctoral experience for the academic who is interested in learning more about education and outreach, as well as how to interpret complex scientific ideas for the lay-public. The applicant must have a very strong understanding of a global change-related science in order to develop the appropriate materials for the site.

Sounds like a great opportunity!

Pass it around.

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