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Author Topic:   Rocky.C versus evolution science: what is his best argument?
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07-10-2015 3:19 PM

We have had a string of posts from Rocky.C on the Don't Believe In Evolution? Try Thinking Harder thread, a Links and Information thread rather than a thread designed for discussion. That means that not only are his posts off topic (regardless of their validity) but so is any response to his posts.

His latest post, Message 35, is almost entirely an argument from authority and personal opinion (Science is not done by quote mining people).

So far I haven't seen any real argument that challenges the processes of evolution nor the theory that the processes of evolution are sufficient to explain the diversity of life as we know it. If you disagree you can look through his posts from the thread.

What I have seen so far is mostly undereducated opinion, some argument from ignorance, and a bunch of typical creationist PRATT's (points refuted a thousand times).

So I suggest\invite Rocky.C to provide what he thinks is his *best* argument against evolution here, in a thread where discussion is permitted if not encouraged (and where replies to those responses is also encouraged).

Suggested for the Is It Science? forum, noting that this is in the Science Forums and thus evidence supporting claims can be requested, and when requested must be supplied by the claimant.

For the purpose of this thread biological evolution will be defined as:

The process of (biological) evolution involves changes in the composition of hereditary traits, and changes to the frequency of their distributions within breeding populations from generation to generation, in an iterative feedback response to the different ecological challenges and opportunities for growth, development, survival and reproductive success in changing or different habitats.

This is often called "microevolution," and it is a FACT that this has actually been observed to occur in virtually every living species.

And the Theory of Evolution (ToE) shall be defined as:

The Theory of Evolution (ToE), stated in simple terms, is that the process of anagenesis (phyletic speciation), and the process of cladogenesis (divergent speciation and the formation of nested hierarchies), are sufficient to explain the diversity of life as we know it, from the fossil record, from the genetic record, from the historic record, and from everyday record of the life we observe in the world all around us.

Where both anagenesis (phyletic speciation) and cladogenesis (divergent speciation and the formation of nested hierarchies) occur via the processes of (biological) evolution (defined above) over a series of generations (this is what evolutionary scientists call macroevolution).


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07-10-2015 8:15 PM

Thread Copied to Biological Evolution Forum
Thread copied to the Rocky.C versus evolution science: what is his best argument? thread in the Biological Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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