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Author Topic:   SN 2013fs happened and we saw it.
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02-13-2017 3:39 PM

Back on October 6, 2013 an automated survey at Palomar Observatory in California captured images of a new Super Nova. We can say with near certainty that the object changed. This is an observed change, direct evidence of an event taking place in reality in time.

The star that went super nova is located over 160 million miles from earth.

I s there any other explanation that can explain what was seen and documented other than that the event happened 160 million years ago?

Dates & Dating as a suggested location.

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02-13-2017 4:02 PM

Thread Copied to Big Bang and Cosmology Forum
Thread copied to the SN 2013fs happened and we saw it. thread in the Big Bang and Cosmology forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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