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Author Topic:   82% of Kansans and most Republican state Senators for Medicaid expansion!
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03-31-2017 1:58 AM

We all know that the private insurance part of ObamaCare is an abominable cancer in the heart of hard working Americans, but let's have a discussion about the good part of the 2009-2010 law change called the Affordable Care Act. 16 Republican state Senators (out of 30) were joined by 9 Democrats to get a 25 to 14 vote for sending it to the Governor which will probably result in a veto. The Georgia GOP Governor Nathan Deal has come around to backing Medicaid expansion - joining many other GOP governors in states as diverse as Ohio, North Dakota, Arizona, New Jersey, Iowa, Arkansas, etc. Just because Hillary was too out of touch to care about the plight of the poor and the Medicaid expansion doesn't mean that you should be under her distorted influence. The point is that you have to be willing to give this positive part of Obama Care the most support you can and that means that proactively pushing for compromise agreements between Democratic lawmakers and Trump should be a major part of the agenda of pro-health care activists. The agenda for today must have integrity and that demands recognition that the private insurance mandate is rightly seen as something Americans suffer from while the Medicaid expansion is a consensus issue in our normally divided country.
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03-31-2017 7:29 AM
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03-31-2017 1:58 AM

Two healthcare threads at the same time seems unnecessary, so I'm going to suggest posting a copy of this to the Republican Healthcare Plan thread.

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