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Author Topic:   Why are creationists so ignorant?
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04-17-2017 3:49 PM

One of the things that puzzles me about creationists is that they are so ignorant of science. One would expect that anybody who was interested in a scientific topic, such as biological evolution or the origin of the succession of sedimentary rocks, would try to learn something about the subject, if only to be able to present evidence against the conventional theories. However, most creationists come to these forums almost without any knowledge of biology, geology or astronomy.

The creationists are not even logical. If creationism is true, there must be scientific evidence for it. If creationists are sincere in their beliefs, they ought to devote all the time they can to studying the relevant sciences in the expectation of finding this evidence. Why have they not done this? Why are they content to remain in ignorance? Why are they not queuing up to buy books on astronomy, biology and geology, or to take university courses, or to visit zoos, botanical gardens, natural history museums, astronomical observatories and rock outcrops, where, they are convinced, they will find evidence for creationism?

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