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Author Topic:   Theistic Evolution
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07-21-2017 2:23 PM
Reply to: Message 74 by Phat
07-21-2017 1:49 PM

2) Another definition might be - An evolutionist who believes that God was ultimately behind it all, but did not actively guide the evolutionary pathways.

(Phat): I consider myself a cosmological creationist. God created the material and allowed nature to take its course.

Even here on earth, it was foreknown what humans would be and how they would grow and decide their fate. God planned Jesus before humans were even created.(or evolved)

As a deist my vision is that god/s created the universe primed for life to occur and intelligent life to evolve. There are many intelligent species, we just happen to think we are the smarties in the hood.

In other words, it didn't have to be earth, just somewhere, and earth is one of the planets where life has occurred and intelligence is evolving.

And it didn't have to be humans, just any species that can think beyond tomorrow and make knowledge a priority, finding out how it was done without concern for why or rather regarding that as unknowable.

Curiously I think it is the height of narcissistic conceit for anyone to think they know god/s mind -- you would need the mind of a god to know ... and so, perhaps, the purpose is to become the next god/s to create the next universe ... and it may not be us that achieve this.

To do that you need to know physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, etc etc etc.


we are limited in our ability to understand
by our ability to understand
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