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Author Topic:   Exploring (mostly Cultural) Marxism in today's Left
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07-11-2017 8:34 AM
Reply to: Message 374 by Faith
07-10-2017 10:03 PM

Re: Just another leftist smear campaign
Faith writes:

The only haters are the Leftists who keep trying to rub it off on genuine conservatives. And THOSE haters ARE still in charge because they refuse to allow for any other opinion than their own and refuse to allow for a peacefjul transition of power. I've never seen such hate in this world as has been spewing from the Left over the last year, hate they project on their opponents without a cause. They define it, they embody it, they drown the world in it.

In case you did not notice Faith, reality once again shows that you are simply posting falsehoods.

There was a peaceful transition of power.

The problem is that for over a quarter century US Conservatives have always voted for the most incompetent candidate as long as the candidate spouts what they want to hear even when as is always the case that candidate is totally disconnected from reality and honesty.

You got the exact government you wanted Faith; a government populated by the totally incompetent and clueless.

It is not the left's fault that your President is not capable of creating consensus or writing an Executive Order that stands up under Constitutional Review.

It's not the left's fault that the President is the laughing stock of every civilized nation.

It's not the left's fault that the Conservatives in the Legislature can't get any bills passed.

You wanted politicians that would keep government from working.

You got what you wanted.

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 Message 374 by Faith, posted 07-10-2017 10:03 PM Faith has not yet responded

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Message 377 of 381 (814632)
07-11-2017 11:44 AM
Reply to: Message 358 by Faith
07-10-2017 3:39 PM

Re: The true Christians who are still in the Roman Church need to leave it
Faith writes:

It would have been the still-Christian elements within the RCC....

Just as there are still-Christian elements within the Protestant churches that accept reality such as evolution and who have a social conscience.
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 Message 358 by Faith, posted 07-10-2017 3:39 PM Faith has not yet responded

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07-18-2017 3:18 PM
Reply to: Message 361 by Faith
07-10-2017 5:18 PM

Re: Just another leftist smear campaign (Faith on homophobia and my memory of issue)
Faith on homophobia.


"Pushing the claims of Cultural Marxism" makes no sense. Cultural Marxist is the LEFT for pete's sake. And all the conservatives I know complain constantly about multiculturalism, accusations of racism and Islamophobia and homophobia, which are all straight out of Cultural Marxism. So much for "nobody else does." You don't know what you are talking about, haven'/t a clue, just like the idea of smearing all us conservatives as Nazis, which is another tip from the Cultural Marxist playbook

Faith from a later post.


Oh good grief. Cultural Marxism was invented by Jews. There are just as many Jews who see through it and reject it. Were leftists born with some kind of brain damage that prevents them from making meaningful distinctions?

Remember the David Horowitz issue, that we partially saw eye to eye on? The one I failed to follow up on. There is one issue I wish I would have covered right off the bat.

I know that even the neoconservative Jews tended to hate the idea of housing discrimination against homosexuals.

There was a right wing obsession (very much alive in the late 1990s for certain) with requiring a renter to be informed of a homosexual living on the same floor. There was also the support for preventing a homosexual for renting simply for being gay.

There were conservative Democrats who wanted a warning if a homosexual lived in an apartment right next door. Then there was an issue of a required warning (imposed by law) if a homosexual lived on the same floor. Then a variation had a warning if the entire apartment had a homosexual (even 10 floors down from the unit that was being rented).

I seem to remember Horowitz opposing the warning requirements. When he had that organization that had "popular culture" in the name.

And the legislative requirements were quite reasonably labeled as homophobic (though he didn't use the term, but he seemed to shrug off the alarmism and fears of homosexuals wanting a place to live without a violation of privacy).

A little background might have prevented your attempt to undermine those of us who hated legislative assaults on the privacy of our fellow human beings who just want to peacefully have a place to live.

(I speak in the past tense since you seem to distance yourself from right wing obsessions of yesteryear - such as the once fanatical obsession to civil unions. I will grant that you might not necessarily agree with the right wing obsession on legislative housing discrimination and violations of privacy. I do wonder if you agree more with me on this issue.)

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 Message 361 by Faith, posted 07-10-2017 5:18 PM Faith has not yet responded

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08-18-2017 4:20 PM

The Connection Between Marxism and Fascism
The Left strenuously denies that there is any connection between fascism and the Left when it is pointed out that their tactics today are certainly fascist. They keep attributing fascism to the Right.

Well, I didn't know it but there are some pretty direct connections with the Left that it's time we acknowledged:

From Were Hitler and Mussolini Socialists?:

Mussolini’s career as a Socialist agitator began at age eighteen as a writer for various left-wing magazines. By 1905, he had been arrested numerous times in Switzerland, France, and Austria for revolutionary agitation and Italian police had opened a dossier which characterized him as “impulsive and violent.” Although Fascists and Communists alike were anxious to deny it later, Karl Marx was the biggest single influence on Mussolini and he considered Marx “the greatest of all theorists of Socialism.” He shared Marx’ opinion on religion and once shocked his audience by daring God to strike him dead.

In 1910, Mussolini was asked by one of the Socialist clubs in Italy to become their political organizer and to edit their small weekly newspaper: La Lotta di Classe (The Class Struggle). For the next two years, with a portrait of Marx hanging on the wall he pounded out radical opinions on every subject under the sun. Catholic priests were “black microbes” and “poisoners of young minds.” He described the army as “a criminal organization designed to protect capitalism and bourgeois society” and urged soldiers to disobey their officers.

Mussolini got his first big break in 1912 when he took over as editor of Avanti!, the official organ of the Italian Socialist Party. Choosing Angelica Balabanoff as his assistant, he quickly rid the paper of the older more moderate writers and eventually more than doubled circulation by aiming at a wider, lower-class readership.

He urged the “necessary bloodbath” and the “physical extermination” of the bourgeoisie through which the proletariat would gain “a totality of power.” He urged neutrality in 1914 and railed against military budgets which might be used in a war against French or German workers: “Let us have no more talk of battleships, barracks, cannon, at a time when thousands of villages have no schools, roads, electricity, or doctors, but still live tragically beyond the pale of life. War,” thundered Mussolini, “is a prelude to revolution!”

On October 18, 1914, Mussolini suddenly announced in Avanti! that he had been wrong. Neutrality was wrong! It was not fitting for a great nation like Italy to stand aside while Europe’s destiny was being decided on the battlefield . . . Italy must fight!

Whereas before, Mussolini had threatened the Government with revolution if it abandoned neutrality, he now threatened revolution if it did not.

For this unforgivable heresy, Mussolini was expelled from the Socialist Party and forced to resign his post at Avanti!. A few weeks later he started his own newspaper – Il Popolo d’Italia – and in December, 1914, he joined and eventually dominated a group of pro-war leftists who called themselves Fascisti.

The Fascists were dissident Socialists whose dreams of glory and empire were inflamed by the war and saw a golden opportunity to ‘liberate’ Trieste and Trentino from Austria as well as the prospect of “immense booty” in the Balkans and Middle East. After the war, the Fascists would be joined by the Arditi, an anti-Communist group who were the Italian equivalent of the German Freikorps.

... And Hitler? It is important to point up the affinity between Communism and Nazism which Hitler himself confirmed:

“There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it. There is, above all, revolutionary feeling . . . I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the Party at once. The petit bourgeois Social Democrat and the trade-union boss will never be a National Socialist, but the Communist always will.”

Former Communists made up almost a third of the SA and, later, the Gestapo, and were popularly known as “Beefsteak Nazis” - brown on the outside, Red on the inside. After 1945, hundreds of former Nazis joined the Communist Social Unity Party of East Germany.

You could argue that having become a fascist one is no longer a communist and that seems to be the theme of the discussion at the bottom of that page, though I haven't read through it. I rather think once you've spent so much of your life in Communism you'd still think like a Communist even when you switch horses, at least if you are a power-hungry politico like Mussolini and Hitler.

Edited by Faith, : No reason given.

Edited by Faith, : No reason given.

Edited by Faith, : No reason given.

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 Message 380 by PaulK, posted 08-18-2017 4:28 PM Faith has not yet responded
 Message 381 by ringo, posted 08-19-2017 1:14 PM Faith has not yet responded

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Message 380 of 381 (817618)
08-18-2017 4:28 PM
Reply to: Message 379 by Faith
08-18-2017 4:20 PM

Re: The Cvonnection Between Marxism and Fascism
Given that the Socialists kicked out Mussolini and the Communists wouldn't have Hitler the "connection" doesn't seem to be exactly strong.
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 Message 379 by Faith, posted 08-18-2017 4:20 PM Faith has not yet responded

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Message 381 of 381 (817736)
08-19-2017 1:14 PM
Reply to: Message 379 by Faith
08-18-2017 4:20 PM

Re: The Connection Between Marxism and Fascism
Faith writes:

Former Communists made up almost a third of the SA and, later, the Gestapo....

Thugs go where thuggery is appreciated. It has little to do with actual convictions.
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 Message 379 by Faith, posted 08-18-2017 4:20 PM Faith has not yet responded

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