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Author Topic:   Tribute Thread for the Recently Passed Greats
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Message 632 of 639 (823940)
11-19-2017 5:42 PM

Mel Tillis, country legend, at 85
Mel Tillis, Longtime Country Singer and Songwriter, Dies at 85

Mel Tillis, a Florida native who defined the word entertainer in the field of country music, died Sunday (Nov. 19) after a long illness in a Florida hospital. He was 85.

One of the most colorful personalities the music business has ever seen, the Country Music Hall of Fame member enjoyed success as a writer, actor, and performer, as well as a comedian during his storied career.

He overcame a stutter to sing.


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Message 633 of 639 (823946)
11-20-2017 5:56 AM
Reply to: Message 631 by Diomedes
11-18-2017 10:26 AM

Re: Malcolm Young
From Akka Dakka. Hope you rest in peace.
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Message 634 of 639 (823962)
11-20-2017 12:47 PM

Jana Novotna, Tennis Champion
Probably unknown to most here, she won Wimbledon in 1998. In her losing Wimbledon final effort in 1993 she cried and was comforted by the Duchess of Kent during the awards ceremony. She has died of cancer at the young age of 49.

NYT: Jana Novotna, Czech Winner of Wimbledon, Dies at 49

Not fair. Not fair. Just not fair.


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Message 635 of 639 (824050)
11-21-2017 9:59 PM

David Cassidy
David Cassidy, Dies At 67

What if Eleanor Roosevelt had wings? -- Monty Python

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Message 636 of 639 (824057)
11-21-2017 11:55 PM

Charles Manson
And the next Republican nominee for President is ....

If he had only met parole by not saying "I should have killed 500 people."

Not that it matters to some.

{ABE - good riddance, unsalvageable}

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Message 637 of 639 (824058)
11-22-2017 12:48 AM
Reply to: Message 636 by anglagard
11-21-2017 11:55 PM

Re: Charles Manson
On Sirius XM Progress Radio today, a caller made the observation that the Republicans would even vote Charles Manson into office. Though Hitler would have come up a very close second.

How much does it cost to support a prisoner? What a waste of money that was.

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 Message 636 by anglagard, posted 11-21-2017 11:55 PM anglagard has not yet responded

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Message 638 of 639 (824059)
11-22-2017 12:50 AM
Reply to: Message 635 by Tanypteryx
11-21-2017 9:59 PM

Re: David Cassidy
OK, Della Reese, David Cassidy, and Charles Manson. Does that meet our quota? Or does Manson not count?

Frankly, I'm pushing for Donald Trump to round out this troika.

Except for his funeral. As I understand, each president can make arrangements for his own funeral ahead of time. And, as I understand, Trump has already made his own arrangements which include the massive display of military hardware in a massive parade patterned after the massive Red Square parades in his boyfriend's country.

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Message 639 of 639 (824088)
11-22-2017 2:45 PM
Reply to: Message 638 by dwise1
11-22-2017 12:50 AM

Re: David Cassidy
dwise1 writes:

Or does Manson not count?

I don't think he qualifies for greatness. Loudness, yes. He got way more publicity than he deserved.
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 Message 638 by dwise1, posted 11-22-2017 12:50 AM dwise1 has not yet responded

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