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Author Topic:   Falsifying a young Universe. (re: Supernova 1987A)
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01-29-2018 12:28 PM
Reply to: Message 732 by creation
01-28-2018 4:15 PM

Re: The Win-Win situation for Science
False. Nothing you post needs denying. You didn't even deal with the issue of time far far away.

Actually, I did. But you are such a 'hear no evil' blooming idiot that you ignore the point. I will summarize it here.

Even if we acknowledge that we cannot view the passing of time remotely, we can observe the effects of that time passing remotely. So when we observe that the stars and the elements formed by stars have exactly the same properties there that they do here, we are actually comparing processes here and there. Those processes do involve time. When we observe spectrum lines here, the absorptions or emissions that formed those lines actually occurred remotely. When we observe wobbles in stars that reveal their orbital motions, the wobbles occur remotely and not here. Yet they are observed to obey Kepler's laws (or Einstein's equations when the objects are massive enough) When we observe SN 1987, we can see that the timing we observe of events (like the illumination of objects in the viciinity) that occur remotely are consistent with what we should expect if those events occurred here. When we observe stars at distances from 4.3 light years to thousands of light years away, some distances of which we can observe by parallax, we can see that physics is the same here as there. I'll also add that with the exception of some of the observations of SN 1987a, none of our estimates of distance involve the use of timing light travel, so they are not subject to the BS that you claim we know nothing about.

Taken altogether those kinds of facts are not proof, because nothing is provable in science, but they are strong evidence that the universe acts the way we believe it does and not the way you wish it did. For your wishes that reality does not work as we expect, there are zero supporting facts or evidence. It is your belief alone and your requirement for a tiny, young universe that makes you invent excuses.

As for observing you, What we can see is that you've launched onto an evidence denying mantra that you repeat endlessly. Your debating technique is nothing different from shouting while holding our fingers in your ears.

You cite authority but don't discuss it. You deny without delving into what others posts. That makes you amusing -- for maybe a post or two. But in the end, you are seen to be full of shite. If this kind of nonsense were required in order to be a Christian, then Christianity would be a religion of self-deception, and a snake eating its own tail. Fortunately for us Christians with our eyes open, such deceptions are not required.

You are welcome to have the last two or three words. That's all your dumb ass is capable of.

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