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Author Topic:   Humour VIII
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02-23-2018 12:42 PM
Reply to: Message 855 by Phat
02-23-2018 2:03 AM

Re: The Atheist Pig
Reminds me of a Canadian creationist who described himself as being a scientist and he was adamant about it. So I started asking the questions, starting with which field of science. It turned out that he had attended a science class once, so in his mind he was a scientist. I don't remember, but I'm sure that in that class he disagreed with everything the teacher said.

" ... , why are there still monkeys?"

That question is so incredibly stupid that when I mentioned it to a creationist he denounced me very strongly for thinking that any creationist would be so stupid as to say that. Yet I have seen creationists use it at least three times in the wild, the first one being a call-in to a radio-show where Duane Gish was the guest (he tried to correct her). Plus in 2002 it made it to Answers in Genesis' list of claims that they wish creationists would stop using (another claim on that list was that men have one fewer ribs than women do).

Two other incredibly stupid creationist claims that immediately demonstrate they have no idea what they're talking about:

  1. "Evolution is just a theory!"

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03-02-2018 8:39 PM

Might work,

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03-06-2018 1:25 PM

Rhymes with Orange


we are limited in our ability to understand
by our ability to understand
... to learn ... to think ... to live ... to laugh ...
to share.

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03-06-2018 9:42 PM

Dear Science



Professor, geology, Whatsamatta U
Evolution - Changes in the environment, caused by the interactions of the components of the environment.

"Do not meddle in the affairs of cats, for they are subtle and will piss on your computer." - Bruce Graham

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"I know a little about a lot of things, and a lot about a few things, but I'm highly ignorant about everything." - Moose

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03-12-2018 8:28 AM

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03-12-2018 8:39 AM
Reply to: Message 860 by ramoss
03-12-2018 8:28 AM

Why do people always forget that the world is fallen and nothing now is as it was at the Creation.
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 Message 860 by ramoss, posted 03-12-2018 8:28 AM ramoss has not yet responded

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Message 862 of 865 (829688)
03-12-2018 9:15 AM
Reply to: Message 861 by Faith
03-12-2018 8:39 AM

Faith writes:

Why do people always forget that the world is fallen and nothing now is as it was at the Creation.

Faith, that may be the funniest thing anyone posted in the whole thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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 Message 861 by Faith, posted 03-12-2018 8:39 AM Faith has not yet responded

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Message 863 of 865 (829701)
03-12-2018 11:53 AM
Reply to: Message 861 by Faith
03-12-2018 8:39 AM

Faith writes:

Why do people always forget that the world is fallen and nothing now is as it was at the Creation.

Fred Flintstone wore glasses in one episode.

An honest discussion is more of a peer review than a pep rally. My toughest critics here are the people who agree with me. -- ringo

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 Message 861 by Faith, posted 03-12-2018 8:39 AM Faith has not yet responded

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Message 864 of 865 (829710)
03-12-2018 1:23 PM
Reply to: Message 863 by ringo
03-12-2018 11:53 AM

Flintstone Humor

Edited by Phat, : No reason given.

Chance as a real force is a myth. It has no basis in reality and no place in scientific inquiry. For science and philosophy to continue to advance in knowledge, chance must be demythologized once and for all. RC Sproul
"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." Mark Twain "
~"If that's not sufficient for you go soak your head."~Faith
Paul was probably SO soaked in prayer nobody else has ever equaled him.~Faith :)

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03-20-2018 3:43 PM

Christianity, One woman's lie about an affair that got seriously out of hand

What are the Christians gonna do to me ..... Forgive me, good luck with that.

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