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Author Topic:   An attempt to let Flood supporters explain how things were created
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04-29-2018 8:15 AM

Maybe if we move really slowly and stick to only one piece of evidence at a time Faith or some other believer in a Biblical Flood can finally explain just how the flood do that.

I'd like to stick to only ten specific items and work through the list only moving to the next item after a workable model, method, mechanism, process or procedure that can be seen in action today has been presented to explain how the flood did that specific example.

The initial list:

  1. The Landscape seen in this image:

  2. Capitan Reef

  3. Layered salt deposits separated by sediment layers

  4. The cross bedding seen in this picture

  5. The White Cliffs of Dover

Once these five small examples are explained then we can move on to another set of evidence that needs a floodist explanation.

Probably Geology & The Great Flood although it is almost certain things that once lived will get added to the list even more than as shown already.

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04-30-2018 9:33 AM

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