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Author Topic:   Police Shootings
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06-04-2018 1:15 PM
Reply to: Message 56 by Rrhain
05-11-2018 3:18 PM

Re: A Thought on the Toronto Van Rampage
Rrhain writes:

Stile writes:

Canada's racial problem is lesser than the US's.

No, not really. After all, the very city in which this happened is under investigation for racial bias and the rate at which black people are shot by the cops is on par with the US.

If Toronto is on par with the US (as your stats show).
And Toronto is a high statistic for Canada (obvious as stats-for-major-cities are always high statistics compared to stats-spread-across-large-countries).

Then Canada's racial problem is lesser than the US's.

But getting shot is not the end-all/be-all of police interactions. There's the rest of the justice system, too, with black people being poorly treated at every step of the way compared to their white counterparts.

It is possible to be "lesser" in comparison and not have "none" in an absolute sense.

My claim is that Canada has a pretty bad problem dealing with race in general. Canada should continue to monitor it and attempt to reduce/control it as much as possible.

But this problem in Canada is still lesser than that in the US. You seem to agree with this by saying Toronto is on par with the US. But then you seem to disagree with the statement without providing anything else to back up your claim.

You really don't have anything except some sort of defensiveness regarding someone thinking about how race was involved, do you?

The idea that Canada has a lesser problem than the US is based on your stats that Toronto is on par with the US.

Is it really so hard for this interaction to have occurred?

Me: "What part of 'the guy was white' played into your analysis?"

You: "None, but now that you mention it, it certainly didn't hurt."

And that would have been the end of it.

Not difficult at all.
It simply isn't the truth.

What's so difficult about the truth?

Rrhain writes:

You: "This policeman displayed some very impressive restraint and control!"

Me: "What part of 'the guy was white' played into your analysis?"

You: ...?

I will answer this for, what, the 42nd time now?

Enough to know it could be a significant factor, and also that it might not.

And, thanks to the stats you've provided, and your failure to provide any details on this specific situation indicating otherwise:

It seems more likely that 'the guy was white' did not play a significant role in this policeman's display of impressive restraint and control.

I can't say it's very likely - I can't read the mind of the policeman.
But I can look at the information you've brought up, and it's all either in favour of my statements or irrelevant to the specific ideas going through the mind of this particular policeman in this specific instance.

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