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Author Topic:   Gun Control III
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12-06-2018 10:23 AM
Reply to: Message 661 by DrJones*
12-05-2018 9:15 PM

Re: Hey you gun control nuts, deal with this!
DrJones writes:

Is it common for gun owners to keep their lockboxes in their bedroom?

I haven't done a survey but seriously, what room in your house do you spend the most time?

I work at home, so my bedroom isn't where I spend the most time, but that's beside the main point, and I'd like to stay focused on that. I'm guessing you asked which room I spend the most time in because since the bedroom is where people sleep that's where most people spend the most time, and that's where you'd most likely be if your house is broken into. Just from reading articles about gun shootings, the nightstand seems to be a very common place to keep an unlocked firearm.

...what room are you most aware of the comings and goings?

This seems off-topic, but answering anyway, our kids are grown up now, but even when the house was full of kids I don't think I was ever much aware of where anyone was unless they were in the same room or an adjacent room. I guess if I'd had rooms I didn't want the kids in that I would have put locks on them.

I come from a big family, there were always kids running around the house, but my parents always knew when someone was in their room when they shouldn't be.

This seems off-topic too, but again answering anyway, we only had two kids, and we didn't care if they went in our bedroom.

Do you think it likely she has lockboxes?

maybe she does, maybe she doesn't we can't tell either way.

Which way would you bet? A survey found that 55% of homes with both children and firearms kept the firearms in an unlocked place (Statistics on Guns in the Home & Safe Storage). If 55% of homes with children don't lock up their guns, how many homes without children do you think lock them up? It's gotta be more, right? So again, which way would you bet?

It's premature for you to rail against her for being unsafe when we know only the barest of facts.

Gun people always find reasons why it's premature to reach conclusions or take action. If she had her guns locked up, great, good for her, she was using the least unsafe method to keep guns in her house. It still focuses attention on the fact that far too many people don't store their guns safely, in fact see it as ruining a gun's value for home defense.

Given the number of posts I've made to the gun control threads about children finding guns, I have my doubts.

how many news stories are there about children being unable to get their hands on their parents guns and nothing untowards happens? they don't write stories when nothing happens.

And they don't write stories about all the car accidents that didn't happen, so I guess we shouldn't be concerned about auto safety, either.

Sorry to be skeptical, but you've read ICANT's stuff

yes and i think ICANT is being unsafe and irresponsible.

He has lots of company, and he's only extreme in the way he expresses himself. There's really no difference in actual danger between ICANT, who says outright that a gun is no good for home defense if it's locked up, and someone else who says sheepishly, "Yeah, I suppose I should keep it locked up," but then never does.

you've read Jar's open carry stuff,

I have no problem with legal, safe open carry. And i have no reason to think Jar is being unsafe.

It's an unsecured gun in a public place and represents a hazard.

How many people have keys or know where the keys are or know the combo or whatever? In other words, how many people can open them?


It is really unusual for people to be that careful and secretive and disciplined and close mouthed.

I'm a responsible adult.

If you're the standard then there are very few responsible adults out there. Unless you live your life isolated from people, I don't believe you.

You are a very unusual person if you don't share passwords

I've shared my Netflix password, but that's it.

Congratulations on being so incredibly security conscious, but the point isn't how amazing you are but that, keeping in mind the bell shaped curve, the majority of people are just average Joes and shouldn't have guns because they haven't achieved the high degree of safety awareness and practice as you.

. For example, do you and your wife both know the password for your joint checking account?

I'm single and live alone.

You say single and not widowed or divorced, so I assume you've never been married and don't have kids, which makes you nowhere near typical. By age 35 around 80% of people have been married at least once. Around 80% of people have at least one child during their lifetime. I was assuming you were typical and so was asking you rhetorical questions that I thought would make points, but you're not typical, so forget that approach.

The articles were pretty clear that the escaped convict broke in, grabbed a knife sharpener, then marched upstairs, probably to find some non-orange clothes in the bedrooms.

and without knowing how long that actually took it's premature to jump to the conclusion that she wasn't storing her gun in a safe manner.

Ah, yes, it's premature, even though the Washington Post article said it was "moments" (a word whose definition you didn't seem to know), and this article from the azfamily.com says, "An inmate who had escaped minutes earlier from a county jail in South Carolina was shot and killed by a woman after he kicked in her back door, the local sheriff said."

She had little time, and most people who have guns for home defense don't lock them up. Let's make a bet, loser has to post a message from the opposing viewpoint. The odds are against you (my guess would be around 4 to 1), but since you probably don't believe that I'll give no odds.


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