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Author Topic:   about the chat option
Member (Idle past 1216 days)
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From: Zerus
Joined: 07-18-2006

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11-28-2008 3:21 PM

How come I never see anyone in there? What's the point of having the option and not ever have anyone use it?
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 Message 2 by kuresu, posted 11-28-2008 4:36 PM Taz has not yet responded

Member (Idle past 438 days)
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From: boulder, colorado
Joined: 03-24-2006

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11-28-2008 4:36 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Taz
11-28-2008 3:21 PM

well, generally speaking, it seems as if most of the people who used the chat room are either permanently suspended (jar, omni, etc) or otherwise have taken up residence with both dreamcatcher and evc. For that matter, the dreamcatcher chatroom has yet to be as busy as the evc chat once could be, but finding 3 people isn't uncommon.

Percy said somewhere that in the next update or something the chat room would be taken down.

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 Message 1 by Taz, posted 11-28-2008 3:21 PM Taz has not yet responded

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