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Author Topic:   Fossil Database
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07-06-2016 10:39 AM

I remember on a previous thread Faith requesting a listing of all fossils and where they are found. I have stumbled across the closest thing I to this I've seen so far - the Palaeobiology Database.

You can search by taxanomic group and obtain a listing of fossils ordered by age and location. There's a bit of info on each, including who found and identified each and when, and it's cross-referenced so you can see what other fossils are known from the same locality.

Not sure how comprehensive it is for all groups, but it's the most detailed such resource I've found so far.

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07-06-2016 12:27 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by caffeine
07-06-2016 10:39 AM

Other resources
I linked to this in Message 71 as well as a couple other good ones. The first link is the same database as you cited, just a more direct link to the Paleobiogeography sections.


This one shows locations of collections in both current location and paleogeologic reconstruction.

PBDB Navigator

This one has access to specimen data and 39,000+ images

Burke Museum

This one has data on over 1 million occurrences:

Fossilworks / Paleobiology Database


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 Message 1 by caffeine, posted 07-06-2016 10:39 AM caffeine has not yet responded

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