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Author Topic:   Jesus Christ, Mutant, or Evolutionary pebble to mankinds reproductive organ
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01-16-2017 4:03 PM

[ Found identical message posted to www.christianforums.com (apparently since deleted) and to Google Groups (Help please. New discovery, mutation, old? New reproductive organ of a human male), so I'm hiding the content. ]

So I have come to you today to share a little about my discovery. Also with a favor to ask. Should I email several reporters daily? Should I email everyone I can at every college I can? Should I go to a specialist to be studied? I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. Do I write my own website? My own news reel?

Is there equality for that of a new species? Could I ask for less equality, when it comes to difficulty of being heard. Is it you can give me more than fair chance of being heard by your very eyes and hearts.

Whether mutant, alien, new species, demi god, son of god, a new god, natural shaman, or natural leader.

It seems that I have had trouble reaching anyone actively reading emails. Do you have a moment please? I would like to know who I should contact, to get to the bottom of things. If a college department, which one? Which department and which college? Do I try them all?

A little about that in which I am speaking. I happen to have a bless marking on the tip of my penis where the Hindu Bindi resides. Perfect symmetry, and perfectly placed on the world. I call it a Pea, or Bean, much like the some call the part of a woman's vagina. It seems to have a nice place in the middle of the English language. I have studied English as it has always been a good guide to me. It seems to always make sense whether upside down, numeral, or backwards.

Peacock is a perfect description. It seems English has always planned for me. Is planned a good description? It seems to make more sense than can possibly be planned. Can there be more guesses to what is next for mankind from the key I hold?

Piety, peace pipe, holy wood, P from James Bond, I'm sure a long since played, thought upon, and worked on game since Venus Penis. A substitution of pee for the yellow liquid that we excrete to confuse the worker enough to get through a filter, having accomplished cleverness of pea. A way of disguise in the omniscience that seems to be present in all work. Whizzing wise wizards showing off their gold. Interesting topics they go on and on.

Pea's in a pod. Super Saiyan (No P, I know that language trick.), Superman, and I. Even having a meteor pass over the heads of my Mother and Uncle at some point many years ago. Cool thing. Tip spelled backwards being p-i-t-.

PI being 3.14. I was born on the 313th day of the year CAC. PI CAC on leapyear. Is it an extensive plan? Or is the key to creation laying here. Another vibration of whim, will, an idea echoed through time and space? Another occult science of small to big and big to small. Signifying Earth being alone in the Universe?

Uni verse. Maybe a check and balance. For those of you that do not know what a check and balance is pertaining to. When not thinking of balancing your check books. Lets say when playing a game as an adult verse a young child, for this example let's say monopoly, you give the child extra cash, a % off of each square he lands on, double mortgage value, etc. A handicap. Closer to the hole like golf. So it's fair. Did someone go so far to name it check and balance, was that from a game, or from %'s and covering for someone of lesser wealth. It's a marvel all the additions we have had to language over the years, just to always understand and have something clever to say.

A stair up in ascension to the heavens? Sitting on a pedestal, surely I am supposed to be carved, chiseled, and displayed in some museum, near the pools, a private collection, and in my home gym.

Then why the heck do all my emails get blocked. I find myself in the hole without any money whatsoever. Totally fell into bad gravity. Slipped right off of Saturn's belt, the planet Chiron. In high school falling out of sports to hangout with an old friend who did not play any. Ditching my 5 other friends who did. I was an allstar baseball and allstar soccer player. The star. Anyhow I find myself back in muscular shape, and climbing. Back into gear to go back to college, though with all the confidence I have gained Lord knows I do not know what to take. I would like to take every class there ever was. A plethora of degrees to hang in my office/gym. Yet money is an obstacle. The only thing in my way being, if my emails can get blocked, rejected, ignored with all the attention I should be getting. Is a job certain after college? So I'll find myself chasing professors for the right recommendation.

Earth caught in patterns from elders over time, developed to make sense and teach. Teaching more than thought out and planned? Patterns of learn from small to big and big to small. Such as atoms to planets. Going to the bible when God asks Adam what to name thee animals. God using a manifest belief trick. Believing each atom had planet lives. Accessing some thinker in the future perhaps. Future being ever changing, even if slightly.

Known that some have been born with marking. Perhaps a plot of some kind? Different "Density" (In reference to thee "I am Ra" channelings) G old, 7 old. The theories are endless. Would be very gracious with any information you may know of thee topic. Thank you

So I have come to you today to share a little about my discovery. Also with a favor to ask. Should I email several reporters daily? Should I email everyone I can at every college I can? Should I go to a specialist to be studied? I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I would also be asking for your recommendation to admissions etc, I have decided to take anthropology as a major, possibly a minor if a career collision happens and I need to change to survive.

Thank you for your time dearly needed an ear. Dearly need guidance.

Sincerely your friend,


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01-16-2017 4:47 PM
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01-16-2017 4:03 PM

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