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Author Topic:   Is gay marriage unprecedented in Western Civilization?
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04-01-2017 2:30 PM

I am going to stay out of this thread, but I found myself raising the point that the very empire Christianity was born in seems to have had the very practice and it was even practiced by emperors (right? ). Paul wrote his letters in the shadow of the Roman Empire and its law. The Roman Empire was preceded by the Greek Empire of course. ********************** *************************** ************************** ************************************* ***************************** ******/************* ***************** I raised this issue a few times in my, um, debate with Faith (around posts 150 to 450) but she not only ignored it in our, um, correspondance, but infact in (around ) post 750 she ran her same general mantra : *****+***+ ********************* ******************************** ******************+******** *****++********************** *********************** "but you had to destroy marriage, marriage as defined as a matter of fact in all times and places "

Edited by LamarkNewAge, : Post 744 is the source in the gay marriage thread. The point is that it is a time honored institution.

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04-01-2017 6:30 PM

File under: What the hell is going on here?
We don't at all normally delete topics, but I think this one might be an exception to that rule.

Further research might well discover that this was an inadvertent topic start.


Or something like that.

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