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Author Topic:   Creationists STILL Think that Evolution is a Ladder
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06-09-2017 4:38 PM

In another thread a creationist posted material from a creationist website that made my jaw hit the floor. It read . . .

Actually, the molecular clock has many problems for the evolutionist. Not only are there the anomalies and common Designer arguments I mentioned above, but they actually support a creation of distinct types within ordered groups, not continuous evolution, as non-creationist microbiologist Dr Michael Denton pointed out in Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. For example, when comparing the amino acid sequence of cytochrome C of a bacterium (a prokaryote) with such widely diverse eukaryotes as yeast, wheat, silkmoth, pigeon, and horse, all of these have practically the same percentage difference with the bacterium (64¨C69%). There is no intermediate cytochrome between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, and no hint that the ¡®higher¡¯ organism such as a horse has diverged more than the ¡®lower¡¯ organism such as the yeast.

The same sort of pattern is observed when comparing cytochrome C of the invertebrate silkmoth with the vertebrates lamprey, carp, turtle, pigeon, and horse. All the vertebrates are equally divergent from the silkmoth (27¨C30%). Yet again, comparing globins of a lamprey (a ¡®primitive¡¯ cyclostome or jawless fish) with a carp, frog, chicken, kangaroo, and human, they are all about equidistant (73¨C81%). Cytochrome C¡¯s compared between a carp and a bullfrog, turtle, chicken, rabbit, and horse yield a constant difference of 13¨C14%. There is no trace of any transitional series of cyclostome ¡ú fish ¡ú amphibian ¡ú reptile ¡ú mammal or bird.

I expect less knowledgeable creationists to make this rather obvious mistake, but here is Creation Ministries International just embarrassing themselves.

For those who don't understand just how mistaken CMI is, here is a simple picture to clear things up:

All modern species are equally evolved. All modern species are at the tips of the branches, not at the fork in the branches. A fish shouldn't have DNA more like that of a bacteria. A fungus should not have DNA more like that of a bacteria. Why?

The answer is simple. Just ask what the common ancestor of two species should be, and then see if it is the same common ancestor.

What is the common ancestor of bacteria and humans?
What is the common ancestor of bacteria and fish?
What is the common ancestor of bacteria and yeast?
What is the common ancestor of bacteria and wheat?

The answer to every one of those questions is the same. The common ancestor in every case is the same exact common ancestor, the common ancestor of all eukaryotes. Therefore, all eukaryote species should be equidistant from bacteria, AND THEY ARE!!!!!

CMI points to one of the most striking pieces of evidence FOR evolution, and mishandles it in such a striking and dumfounding way, especially for an organization that is supposed to be at the "cutting edge" of science based creationism. Go figure.

Preferred forum: Biological Evolution

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06-10-2017 7:35 AM

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