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Author Topic:   Calling All Rideshare Fans
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From: New Hampshire
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09-11-2017 9:51 AM

Anyone who uses rideshare companies like Uber or Lyft or Curb or Fasten and others will want this new iPhone app I just wrote called RideGuru. It takes begin and end locations, lists the rideshare companies in order of increasing cost, then you select the rideshare company you want. You're instantly taken to the rideshare app with all information already entered for you. All the work is done for you, including maintaining place and trip histories. Detailed information here: RideGuru App

There's also a website version: RideGuru Website

An Android version is potentially in the works. I'm spec'ing it out now to assess the work involved.

RideGuru is a product of Unleashed LLC.


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 Message 2 by Phat, posted 09-11-2017 10:10 AM Percy has acknowledged this reply

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09-11-2017 10:10 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Percy
09-11-2017 9:51 AM

Ride Guru
That looks like a winning idea, Percy. I shared it on my facebook.

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 Message 1 by Percy, posted 09-11-2017 9:51 AM Percy has acknowledged this reply

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