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Author Topic:   A Game of Pretend: Vapor Canopy and magnetic fields
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01-13-2018 7:48 PM

Let's pretend that vapor canopy is viable (it's not) and see if we can work out how it could work in relation to carbon dating. I've engaged in dialog with others and they have brought up two issues. Magnetic field and vapor canopy.

My two questions are how thick would the canopy have to be to block cosmic rays? What formulas are needed to figure this out? I know from reading that there are several problems with the vapor canopy, so it's not even viable, but like I said pretend and show how crazy it really is.

How strong would the magnetic field have to be to block cosmic rays from interacting with nitrogen in the upper atmosphere? What are the formulas for this calculations? Are there any other considerations needed to be taken into? Sunspot cycles?

Finally, assuming a perfect combination of these, what is the best case scenario YECs could hope for? And then based on that, what pressure, heat from rain, etc would result?

Basicly, I'd like to be able to say to someone "well, you maybe right but if you are, the implications are so crazy it wouldn't work and here's why..." without having to get a phd in physics myself.

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01-14-2018 5:03 PM

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