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Author Topic:   More Right Wing terrorism in the US
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03-21-2018 5:32 PM

The suspected bomber operating in Austin, Texas has blown himself up when confronted by police. BBC

"He's thinking of taking some time to figure out what he wants to do...maybe a [religious] mission trip," his mother wrote.

In the blog called "Defining my Stance", he purportedly describes beliefs that "gay marriage should be illegal", opposition to abortion and why the sex offender registry should be eliminated.

In the blog, he defines himself as "a conservative".

He planted at least four bombs, killing two people - both black - and injuring others.

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 Message 2 by Phat, posted 03-24-2018 1:05 PM PaulK has not yet responded

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03-24-2018 1:05 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by PaulK
03-21-2018 5:32 PM

The Issue
What specifically is the issue?

Is it mental health?

Is there evidence that right-wing mental health is any worse than left wing mental health?

As for who he blew up, I doubt he targeted any specific person. He just was obsessed with either explosions or notoriety. Again, the issue in my mind is mental health and identification of possible rogue terrorists before they act.

Chance as a real force is a myth. It has no basis in reality and no place in scientific inquiry. For science and philosophy to continue to advance in knowledge, chance must be demythologized once and for all. –RC Sproul
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Paul was probably SO soaked in prayer nobody else has ever equaled him.~Faith :)

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 Message 1 by PaulK, posted 03-21-2018 5:32 PM PaulK has not yet responded

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 Message 3 by frako, posted 03-24-2018 1:46 PM Phat has acknowledged this reply

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03-24-2018 1:46 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by Phat
03-24-2018 1:05 PM

Re: The Issue
Is there evidence that right-wing mental health is any worse than left wing mental health?

There might be, a new study found that right leaning people have enhanced fear centres in the brain. The more you make them feel safe the more left leaning they become.

Christianity, One woman's lie about an affair that got seriously out of hand

What are the Christians gonna do to me ..... Forgive me, good luck with that.

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 Message 2 by Phat, posted 03-24-2018 1:05 PM Phat has acknowledged this reply

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