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Author Topic:   Warren's Accountable Capitalism Act
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08-15-2018 7:06 PM

Elizabeth Warren is tired of waiting for swamp's to be drained, so she's going to get the ball rolling.

Elizabeth Warren unveils bold new plan to reshape American capitalism

Elizabeth Warren has announced plans to introduce legislation to hold large corporations in check.

Under the legislation, corporations with more than $1bn in annual revenue would be required to obtain a corporate charter from the federal government and the document would mandate that companies not just consider the financial interests of shareholders.

Instead, businesses would have to consider all major corporate stakeholders which could include workers, customers, and the cities and towns where those corporations operate.

Anyone who owns shares in the company could sue if they believed corporate directors were not meeting their obligations.

Also, corporations' board of directors will be required to have a significant number of members elected by the corporations' employees.

And 75% of the directors would have to approve before the corporation could approve political expenditures.

Of course, there's not a chance that this could pass either this Congress or any conceivable Congress that will be elected this November. I think this is has a couple of purposes.

To make plain the difference between a true populist Democratic party vs a plutocratic Republican party.

To present the Democratic party as the party that has bold ideas.

To challenge the "establishment" wing of the Democratic party.

I also think that Warren will now no longer be considered a "serious" candidate for the 2018 elections.

Oh, God! Pride of Man, broken in the dust again! -- Quicksilver Messenger Service

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