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Author Topic:   Political Identity Crisis
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02-20-2016 5:21 PM
Reply to: Message 150 by Faith
02-18-2016 3:24 PM

Re: Testing the Test
Mostly from the conservative side I'm sure.

No, equally from both sides, since both liberals and conservatives in the US tend to discuss issues such as religion, abortion, gun control, the death penalty etc. as being on a left/right axis, while if you define the left/right divde in purely economic terms these issues are purely tangential.

Meaning Marxist terms.

No, because the same terminology is used by right-leaning people. I think you may have misunderstood me, as this is a fairly value neutral concept. 'Left' refers to redistributive economic policies, and 'right' to economic liberalism.

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 Message 150 by Faith, posted 02-18-2016 3:24 PM Faith has not yet responded

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03-01-2017 8:48 PM

Bump - Maybe the best "Political Compass" topic
The forums search utility seems to be working well.

Another possibility is the Political Compass topic.

For other possibilities, enter there "political compass" and search for messages.

Doing for the above, with author name also designated, does not work unless the author uses "political compass" in his/her message.

If you post results, I suggest doing it as text rather than importing graphics. Imported graphics links tend to go bad, loosing the data.


Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Add link to another topic.

Or something like that.

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03-01-2017 9:09 PM

I see this is one of those where I scored very close to the center: Message 119
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