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Author Topic:   Vapour canopy and fountains of the deep
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05-09-2009 4:51 PM
Reply to: Message 108 by Peg
05-09-2009 5:05 AM

Re: Up, Up, and Away
have scientists ever tried to create such an experiment to see what the effects would be?

No experiment is necessary. We understand water and water vapor (steam) and their properties under various conditions very well. The entire industrial world used to depend on that understanding, and much of it does still.

Geting any significant amount of water into the atmosphere requires temperatures and pressures that would wipe out all life except for a few thermophilic (heat loving) bacteria. Period. End of story. The fat lady has sung. Even those few creationists that have a rudimentary knowledge of thermodynamics realize that. From the Institute for Creation Research we find SENSITIVITY STUDIES ON VAPOR CANOPY TEMPERATURE PROFILES in which they tried to vary several of parameters to maximize the water in the atmosphere:

However, none of the effects was so dramatic that the concern over limitations on water content in the canopy by hot surface temperatures was eliminated. If all five parameters were introduced into the model simultaneously such that the surface temperature was minimized, it is estimated that the water content of the canopy could possibly be raised to as much as 1.0 meter. This is less than 10% of the water content suggested by Dillow (1982). Unfortunately, this amount of water in a canopy would not contribute significantly to the waters of the Genesis Flood or produce significant pressure and density effects. However, it would produce large differences in temperature, atmospheric stability, cloud formation, and precipitation from that experienced today.

In other words, a negligible amount of water could be in the atmosphere.

The Demise and Fall of the Water Vapor Canopy: A Fallen Creationist Idea is also worth reading.

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05-10-2009 9:13 PM

One thing nobody's mentioned ...

If the water is H2O in the atmosphere or if it's "stored" as hydrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere, it weighs the same.

The pressure at Earth's surface would have to be many times what it us now to "hold up" all that weight.

And the temperature at the Earth's surface would have to be many times what it is now to maintain liquid water at the and oxygen content at that pressure.

it would kill pretty much everything, including all humanity.

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