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Author Topic:   What Benefits Are Only Available Through God?
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04-02-2017 10:47 AM
Reply to: Message 162 by Phat
03-31-2017 3:51 PM

Re: Facts vs. Possibilities
Phat writes:

What specific facts are you looking for?

Any and all.

As an example, take pyramid power. If it could be documented that the atmosphere within the pyramid is in fact charged with more electrical stimulus than a control box, would that somehow make pyramid power more valid as a factually based spiritual path?

I don't know enough about such things.
What is it about electrical stimulus that would lend itself to being a "more valid" spiritual path?

At times, I can be around a lot of electrical control boxes at work (I've designed, installed and used them in the past).
I didn't notice any "more valid" spiritual paths associated with them. I don't see how there's any link at all, really.

Are you claiming that the source of the spirituality is less important than the recipient of said spirituality?

This would depend on the circumstance and situation, of course.
However, as long as we have no known way to validate the identify of the source... then yes, of course.

How could we place more importance on something we have no way of knowing?

If we could, however, actually know these "sources..." then that's a whole different ball game.
One I'd very much like to understand.

But such knowledge doesn't seem to be available to us.
What else can we do other than work with what we have available to us?

a bit like the i-god syndrome.

I don't know what an i-god is

Perhaps, in the final analysis, we all are selfish to a degree.

I think selfishness depends on your own motivations.
Only you will know if you're doing something for your own sake, or to try and help someone else.
The external observations can certainly be interpreted one way or the other by many different people.
But only you know the truth.

Selfishness isn't always a bad thing, either.
Like if my wife wants to watch a movie... and she wants me to choose which one... me choosing a movie I want to watch is selfish, but not a bad thing. Me saying something like "no, you choose!" Is not selfish... but only shifts the responsibility of "choosing the movie" back onto her... something she clearly didn't want by asking me to choose the movie. Therefore, this "non-selfish" move would actually be a bad thing.

Being honest and willing to correct your possible errors is the only way to navigate such strange waters.

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