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Author Topic:   Evidence for a recent flood
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From: usa
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11-23-2011 12:09 PM

Regarding the mammoth . . .
Am I the only geek on the forum who reads Nat Geo? I didn't see the mammoth links, below, allready posted on this thread, but forgive me if they already were.

I am simply amazed by these mammoth findings. And although, IMO, it is unethical to bring back extinct animals into a world that cannot support its currently existing animals, I'd still like to see a living woolly mammoth before I die.


BABY MAMMOTH PHOTO: Milk, Feces Part of Calf's Diet

Japanese Scientist To Clone Woolly Mammoth Within 5 Years!

Edited by dronester, : Rats!, Pressie posted the link in (639382).

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