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Author Topic:   Loony Of The Week
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Message 526 of 530 (824280)
11-26-2017 1:33 AM
Reply to: Message 525 by Dr Adequate
11-25-2017 9:16 PM

Re: Flat Earther "Mad" Mike Hughes ...
Or an elevator. There are at least five buildings taller than his goal of 1,800 feet.

The CN tower is 1818 ft tall but the top 100 ft is a radio mast. I've been to the upper observation level:

The SkyPod is 447 metres up (1,465 feet), or 147 building stories and is one of the highest observation platforms in the world.

Then there are mountains ... I've also been to Paradise on Mt Rainier



If you plan to visit Paradise, remember that Paradise is located at an elevation of 5,400 feet and trails have at least some steeper sections. Please stay on the trails; the meadows are very fragile and heavily visited.

we are limited in our ability to understand
by our ability to understand
... to learn ... to think ... to live ... to laugh ...
to share.

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 Message 525 by Dr Adequate, posted 11-25-2017 9:16 PM Dr Adequate has not yet responded

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Message 527 of 530 (824284)
11-26-2017 3:07 AM

'Mad' Mike Hughes cancels rocket launch to prove Earth is flat From USA Today

Edited by Phat, : No reason given.

Chance as a real force is a myth. It has no basis in reality and no place in scientific inquiry. For science and philosophy to continue to advance in knowledge, chance must be demythologized once and for all. RC Sproul
"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." Mark Twain "
~"If that's not sufficient for you go soak your head."~Faith
Paul was probably SO soaked in prayer nobody else has ever equaled him.~Faith :)

Dr Adequate
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Message 528 of 530 (831189)
04-13-2018 6:48 PM

They're all loonies of course but this one has managed to achieve special distinction in the field of lacking insight ...

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Message 529 of 530 (831439)
04-17-2018 6:30 PM

It's all them saved daylight hours....


Thank you for your submission to Science. Your paper was reviewed by a jury of seventh graders so that they could look for balance and to allow them to make up their own minds. We are sorry to say that they found your paper "bogus," specifically describing the section on the laboratory work "boring." We regret that we will be unable to publish your work at this time.

Minds are like parachutes. Just because you've lost yours doesn't mean you can use mine.

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 Message 530 by herebedragons, posted 04-17-2018 6:43 PM Rrhain has not yet responded

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Message 530 of 530 (831440)
04-17-2018 6:43 PM
Reply to: Message 529 by Rrhain
04-17-2018 6:30 PM

Re: It's all them saved daylight hours....
Drought caused by daylight savings time... totally believable.

Anthropogenic climate change... what a load of nonsense that is!


Whoever calls me ignorant shares my own opinion. Sorrowfully and tacitly I recognize my ignorance, when I consider how much I lack of what my mind in its craving for knowledge is sighing for... I console myself with the consideration that this belongs to our common nature. - Francesco Petrarca

"Nothing is easier than to persuade people who want to be persuaded and already believe." - another Petrarca gem.

Ignorance is a most formidable opponent rivaled only by arrogance; but when the two join forces, one is all but invincible.

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 Message 529 by Rrhain, posted 04-17-2018 6:30 PM Rrhain has not yet responded

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