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Author Topic:   How did the stomach evolve?
Junior Member (Idle past 1012 days)
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From: Houston
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08-27-2014 10:40 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by Larni
07-06-2014 4:16 AM

Re: Dragons
Symbiosis says hi too.
Ones own incredulity trumps the need to search for answers - iow, goddidit.

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Why shouldn't there still be monkeys?

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08-28-2014 3:54 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by Stile
03-14-2014 10:49 AM

Re: Basic Evolution of the Stomach
Stile writes:

And then... one day... a stomach!

And then... after a lot more days... humans with a stomach!

And then...one fine day...Homer Simpson! And donuts!

"If you can keep your head while those around you are losing theirs, you can collect a lot of heads."

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08-28-2014 9:15 AM
Reply to: Message 17 by Omnivorous
08-28-2014 3:54 AM

Re: Basic Evolution of the Stomach
That's only after we lose a finger...

Contrary to popular research, it's not the pinky finger we end up losing.
It's the ring-finger.

Something about teh gays destroying teh marriage

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 Message 17 by Omnivorous, posted 08-28-2014 3:54 AM Omnivorous has acknowledged this reply

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