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Author Topic:   Questions based on a plain and simple reading of the US Constitution
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03-14-2017 12:50 AM

Another Thread Now Off Topic
marc and Lamark...please stick to the US Constitution. Rome has nothing to do with this topic.

  • Please stay on topic for a thread. Open a new thread for new topics.
  • Points should be supported with evidence and reasoned argumentation.
  • The sincerely held beliefs of other members deserve your respect. Please keep discussion civil. Argue the position, not the person.

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    03-14-2017 4:07 PM
    Reply to: Message 152 by Faith
    03-12-2017 6:37 AM

    Can I get the last word to shoot a lie down? Please Phat!
    "a lot of this number have nothing to do with the fall of the Western Empire " -PaulK ***************** "But the west took quite a beating too, and I bet you didn't know any of this" -Faith- ****** ******************* Actually Justinian and rTheordia (Byzantine Emperors ) financed bigoted wars against the Arian kingdoms, in the former Western Roman Empire, by stealing slave ransom money from Byzantine citizens around 530 AD . The Barbarians won their lands back but there was severe damage. ******************* THE ORIGINS OF THE MIDDLE AGES by Bruce Lyon (W. W. Norton ) "Despite the German conquests with their turmoil and new political arrangements, no new civilization arose because the Germans were generally willing to partake of the Mediterranean and the unity upon which it depended.. ... after 600 Italy lay prostrate with the Ostrogothic kingdom destroyed by Justinian's unfortunate attempt to reconquer the West, that all the lands ringing the Mediterranean, except for some in southern Europe, we're under Arab dominion "

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    03-16-2017 1:17 PM
    Reply to: Message 141 by marc9000
    03-11-2017 10:03 PM

    lead poisoning
    Wine? Excessive drinking? Maybe the problem was more with drunkenness than it was with lead in water. Does the U.S. today have a bigger and bigger appetite for drinking, and more importantly, illegal drugs resulting in overdoses?

    Are you really ignorant of the effects of lead on people? Ever heard the term "Mad as a Hatter?" Hatters used lead to process the felt they used to make hats. (sorry)

    Romans as well as many other people of the time added lead to the wine to make it taste sweeter. The aqueducts they built to carry water great distances to supply the towns (not just Rome; I've been inside one at Nice France) were lined with lead.

    Lead Poisoning - Topic Overview

    Lead poisoning occurs when you absorb too much lead by breathing or swallowing a substance with lead in it, such as paint, dust, water, or food. Lead can damage almost every organ system.

    In children, too much lead in the body can cause lasting problems with growth and development. These can affect behavior, hearing, and learning and can slow the child's growth.

    In adults, lead poisoning can damage the brain and nervous system, the stomach, and the kidneys. It can also cause high blood pressure and other health problems.

    Lead Poisoning

    What is lead poisoning?

    Lead is a highly toxic metal and a very strong poison. Lead poisoning is a serious and sometimes fatal condition. It occurs when lead builds up in the body.

    Lead is found in lead-based paints, including paint on the walls of old houses and toys. It is also found in:

    • art supplies
    • contaminated dust
    • gasoline products sold outside of the United States and Canada

    Lead poisoning usually occurs over a period of months or years. It can cause severe mental and physical impairment. Young children are most vulnerable.

    Children get lead in their bodies by putting the lead containing objects in their mouths. Touching the lead and then putting their fingers in their mouths may also poison them. Lead is more harmful to children because their brains and nervous systems are still developing.

    Lead poisoning can be treated, but any damage caused cannot be reversed.

    It is accumulative, so low doses over many years builds up.

    You think a weekend hangover is worse? Really?

    Perhaps you should move to Flint Michigan and drink the water there.


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    03-16-2017 5:40 PM
    Reply to: Message 168 by RAZD
    03-16-2017 1:17 PM

    Re: lead poisoning
    Hatters is mercury.

    Not lead.

    But very similar effects, it's all heavy metal poisoning.

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