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Author Topic:   "Natural" (plant-based) Health Solutions
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02-12-2018 4:44 PM
Reply to: Message 330 by caffeine
02-12-2018 12:50 PM

Re: Full speed ahead on the Whole Foods Plant-Based way of eating
I'm not sure it's so healthy to completely remove all fat from your diet. I'd keep the olive oil on your salad (though I am, of course, not a nutritionist).

All these guys are nutritionists, and most are MDs as well, and they all disagree on such things so your speculations are welcome. Besides, I agree with you. I'm going with the most oil-restrictive system to start but I don't think I'll choose to follow it in the end.

Oil is eliminated in McDougall's "Starch Solution" and others in his camp. He says the food has enough fat in it. He even radically restricts nuts because of their oil and I think that's going way too far. Other health teachers don't so strictly restrict oils, but I want to try this version first, at least with respect to the oil restriction, not the whole diet. Partly because I need to lose weight and I know I put it all on because of the fat habits I acquired on the Atkins style diets. Fat is OK when you cut way back on carbs but when you add the carbs back into the mix along with the fats you gain weight. I may not be able to give up the oil anyway, I'll have to see how long I last. Oils are ridiculously calorie-dense and it should help if I can cut down on them at least.

Whatever I end up with is probably going to be a combination of the features I like best or think will be best for me from the different versions out there.

The testimonials to the miraculous effects of straight plant-based eating are amazing so I have to give it a good try. I finally accept most of what they say about meat and dairy, but I still have a doubt in the back of my mind if only because of the vitamin B12 you have to add to a wholly plant diet. But continuing with even a small amount of meat at this point would be counterproductive since the benefits claimed by so many are all from a purely plant diet.

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02-19-2018 10:47 AM

Checking Out Willard Water
Here is a prime example of a substance with no known scientific basis, plenty of anecdotal testimony, and even a stint on 60 minutes, back in 1980:
60 Minutes Report

Like the report concludes, the product does no harm and, even if simply a placebo effect has value.

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02-20-2018 3:24 PM

Advice on Supplements
What Experts Recommend

The supplement industry is big pharma with little regulation. Most of what it sells is unnecessary. Some of it is even potentially dangerous. Know what you need, and donít waste money (at best) on the things you donít.

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