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Author Topic:   Dodging a bullet...
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12-09-2018 9:07 PM
Reply to: Message 13 by Straggler
12-09-2018 3:22 PM

Straggler writes:

If you want what you have now but.... then itís got to be worth asking if they can do a P2V conversion of exactly what you have now and what the running cost of that VM would be going forwards.

I'd like the same capabilities I have now, the most essential being at least 2 GB of database, but I'd like to move forward to the latest software versions. My current server is stuck with an old OS because the Conroe can't upgrade to newer versions for some reason, and because I'm stuck with an old OS I can't upgrade the control panel, because newer versions of the control panel require newer OS versions.

I plan to start looking into a cloud server again soon. I just checked their webpage again and the cloud offerings are different from a couple months ago. I'm wondering why they provide so little detail. For example, I'd like to know what OS's and control panels they make available on the cloud servers, but they don't say. I wonder if you just get an empty cloud server that you have to set up as a webserver yourself.


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 Message 13 by Straggler, posted 12-09-2018 3:22 PM Straggler has not yet responded

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From: New Hampshire
Joined: 12-23-2000
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12-10-2018 1:16 PM

Funny how complacency sets in after 18 years of nothing going catastrophically wrong. I hadn't backed up the database in 22 months. It's backed up now, and I'm downloading an extra copy to local storage.

I've investigated the cloud and that's where we'll be moving. Not sure how long it will take - it seems straightforward, but we'll see what happens (gee, now Trump's even got me saying it).

Moving to the cloud shouldn't cause any observable change for users, but we will have to go down for about an hour when I make the transition. Once I shut down the website at the old server the most time consuming portion will be saving the database to a file (it'll be around 1.9 GB) and transferring that file to the new server.

It might also be necessary to use the new IP address instead of the URL for a couple days while it propagates to nameservers. I'll post anything interesting that comes up to this thread, and I'll issue an announcement when the time comes.


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 Message 18 by Stile, posted 12-10-2018 4:30 PM Percy has acknowledged this reply

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12-10-2018 4:30 PM
Reply to: Message 17 by Percy
12-10-2018 1:16 PM

Old and busted...

New hotness!!

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 Message 17 by Percy, posted 12-10-2018 1:16 PM Percy has acknowledged this reply

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12-27-2018 10:57 AM

Just some brief status. The cloud server is all set up, has been for a while, but I took a hiatus as we got closer to Christmas. As part of the testing I've just now set the cloud server to use the database on the old server, making it possible for me to post messages from the cloud server to the discussion board, which is why you're seeing this.

Here's what will happen when I'm ready to switch over to the new cloud server:

  • I'll send out an announcement that we're making the switch and that the board will be going down for an hour at a specified time. Unfortunately the amount of lead time I can provide will probably be only an hour or so. I have some other things going on that make my time availability unpredictable.

  • Shut down board.

  • Copy database on old server to a file.

  • Copy database file to cloud server.

  • Load database file into cloud server's database.

  • Update the database access information on both the old server and the cloud server to be for the database on the cloud server.

  • Copy over to the cloud server any new avatars people might have uploaded.

  • Update the nameserver information at the registrar's. The updated information will take 12-72 hours to propagate to Internet root servers (TLD (Top Level Domain) servers) around the globe. Those who have access to dig can use "dig evcforum.net +short" to see if the transition has happened for them. The old IP is, and the new IP will be

  • Open the board. Total down time is estimated to be about an hour.

EvC Forum Director

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