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Author Topic:   Free will vs Omniscience
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From: frozen wasteland
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Message 571 of 571 (817995)
08-22-2017 1:14 PM
Reply to: Message 569 by Phat
08-22-2017 4:42 AM

Re: Free Will and determinism from my Christian perspective
Phat writes:

jar is, of course, the one at EvC responsible for your enlightened thinking.

I wouldn't necessarily say that. I'd say that jar's viewpoint has helped me to express mine more clearly.

Phat writes:

... I don't like his interpretation of Christianity. The whole Matthew 25 we are responsible schtick, because people don't even have to believe anything anymore. they simply have to do unto the least.

So why don't you have any argument against it, other than that you don't like it?

Phat writes:

What was He?

I think He was a fictional character, probably based on an amalgamation of itinerant preachers, much like Elmer Gantry.

Phat writes:

ringo writes:

I'd start by saying that "in the beginning was the word" has nothing to do with Jesus.

So tell me what you think it means.

It's obviously figurative. "The word became flesh" ought to be a clue to that. It would be hard to tell everything the author(s) meant by it without a thorough study - and I haven't done that. It seems safe to say though that Jesus wasn't literally a word.

Phat writes:

So for you God is an unnecessary fiction in our minds and you feel it worthwhile to challenge religious minds with secular common sense.


Incidentally, is "secular common sense" different from any other kind of common sense?

Phat writes:

So in your opinion, what does the author of john mean?

There's no easy answer to that. It would require a line-by-line study and I don't feel much inclined to do that. It might be more productive for you to try to understand whether the doctrines you have been spoon-fed make any sense.

Phat writes:

And why should I accept your definition when over 75% of the commentators, (yes, they have read the Bible, jar ) explain it differently?

Those commentators have an axe to grind. I don't. But I couldn't care less what you accept. I'd rather have you figure it out for yourself.

Phat writes:

Some of us want to replace God with ourselves

If there was a God, we wouldn't have to replace Him. As it is, he isn't feeding the hungry, etc. so we have no choice but to do it ourselves.

Phat writes:

ringo writes:

How can you learn anything if you don't get a chance to change your behaviour?

What do you mean by chance? I have issues with that word....

Where's the ambiguity?
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