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Author Topic:   Faith based social work vs secular scientific expertise
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11-02-2008 6:27 PM

In my city the "youth for Christ" movement, provisionally got awarded a government contract in a part of town to help out problem youngsters. They were simply the best by the practical standards on which all applicants were tested.
So now there is protest from gay and liberal communities, who fear the christians are going to discriminate against gays, and prozetelyze religion supported by the government.
In the newspaper there was a piece about another part of town, where the social workers there suggested that 40 percent or something of the problem youngsters had a biological dysfunction. And it was suggested that a large part of the rest had some sort of nonbiological psychological dysfunction.
Now which is better, Youth for Christ people who are looking for motivation for the youngsters, or scientific experts looking for causes that made them dysfunction, and then treating the underlying dysfunction?
In my opinion both solutions are not good enough, but evenso youth for christ wins out by a mile. The results for curing these imaginary biological and psychological dysfunctions aren't good, and it takes a huge amount of work, and costs an enormous amount of money. The scientific approach is also kind of racist, it brands people as losers. The main reason these dysfunctions are found is because scientists can only look for causes, so they will find causes for anything, including criminal behaviour of young people, even if instead it is complex matter of free will.
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11-03-2008 8:27 AM
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11-02-2008 6:27 PM

I like this proposal, but it needs a title that accurately describes the topic. Post a note when you've changed the title and I'll take another look.

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11-04-2008 8:46 AM

Thread copied to the Faith based social work vs secular scientific expertise thread in the Is It Science? forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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