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Author Topic:   Some definitions of terms
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12-31-2003 3:00 AM

Do we all agree on definitions of words?
What is relativism? Post Modernism? Absolute Truth? Creation?Evolution?===========> Get the point?

monotheism \ma-ne-()the-i-zem\ n : a doctrine or belief that there is only one deity = if so, what do we define a deity as?
deity \de-e-te, da-\ n, pl -ties 1 : divinity 2 2 cap : god 1 3 : a god or goddess =ok...for those who believe in no deities, do they still have a belief in divinity?
divinity \de-vi-ne-te\ n, pl -ties 1 : theology 2 : the quality or state of being divine 3 : a divine being
Can a person believe in personal divinity, as pertaining to "asscended master" intellect, or perhaps merely a rennaissance man?
OK.....now, there are several belief paradigms:

QUESTION: Can a theist, by definition believe in either a deity or deities AND/OR believe in personal divinity?
QUESTION:Can a monotheist by definition believe in One God and also show signs of a belief in personal divinity? Is this not Polytheism, if personal divinity=belief in one spirit?
If a person refuses to believe in any deity or deities, can they escape the label of a belief in themselves as equated with personal divinity? Everyone has opinions, everyone has beliefs. If we all observed a painting, every opinion concerning the painting would carry equal weight EXCEPT, perhaps, that of the painter/artist. The opinion of the artist would usually be valued higher by common agreement. This is why theists lend higher value to the concept of a diety, since by their definition, the deity was the original artist/sculptor. ALSO....
Lets define the following:
PROOF(definition of)
Have a great New Year,all! You guys need to break me in.

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