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Author Topic:   The fossil of people is found together with dinosaurs
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09-17-2009 5:02 PM

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
I wish to offer you a material for incorporated research for the purpose of find dating.
For acquaintance to a material it is presented more than 80 found subjects and 270 photos which have embodied products made by the person, and also a fossil: remains of people, dinosaurs, other animals and plants. Possibly it only a part of a museum which has been created in a vicinity of Moscow, during the various periods is long an epoch of dinosaurs existing on the Earth. According to scientific dating this period proceeded during 150 million years, beginning from 220 up to its termination 65 million years ago.
Here photos:
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During studying of a role of natural selection in evolution of organisms, Charles Darwin and its followers assumed: the period (time) of occurrence of the reasonable person on our planet represents 50 and even 250 thousand years ago.
However in a vicinity of Moscow it is found: a fossil of people together with dinosaurs. Heads of people which were turned to stone completely correspond to anatomy of the modern person. Besides, torn off by claws of a dinosaur the head of the adult woman, has damage. Owing to a strong bruise of a head in the conditions of own house in which there lived these civilized people, at a head the right angle (90 degrees) has been formed.
Simultaneously with the reasonable person, there were also more primitive forms of people. The trace of a steel rasp testifies to it on a brain of the savage killed by the person.
In the course of studying of the bitten subjects the trace of thorns which corresponds to the form of the flower petals located on a surface of a jaw of a dinosaur has been found out.
The given test is absolutely specific to identification of a teeth of a dinosaur at presence transformed in a stone of its saliva and blood, in case of damage of own cheek. Besides during optical increase each thorn again forms a similar flower, but already consisting of smaller thorns. A seal of these teeth were kept on subjects made by the person, and also on fragments of the bodies transformed into a stone, people, animals and plants.
And consequently as in the nature there is nothing except its inconsistent forms of life, a teeth of dinosaurs not only has erased a civilization in a powder, but also has allowed us to open it. (Consider, please, photos). Error 404 (Not Found)!!1
The set below the listed subjects, confirms a variety of levels of a civilization, since the tool of the Stone Age irrigated by blood, up to the iron weight and the parts of asphalt bitten by a dinosaur.
The culinary products made by the person, the bread baked in the form of a paw of a dinosaur, a part of a head of the big animal, chopped off by an axe, parts of a body of animals roasted on a fire, mushrooms, a pumpkin the baked, mature pear, and also the painful tooth of the person transformed into quartz.
In the same place are found undergone a fossil: 3 heads of dinosaurs, a muscular fabric of a dinosaur, egg dans l'ovaire females of the dinosaur, received by means of surgical operation and other parts of an organism.
It is very important that it is found not only a fossil of bones, but also many different parts of a body of an organism of people, animals and plants which also were turned to stone.
The products made of metal, ceramics, Ferro-concrete, the transparent crystals created by the nature in the form of a hedgehog, also are bitten by a dinosaur in the presence of its saliva turned to stone and blood.
People of an epoch of dinosaurs carried out various experiments for the purpose of studying of structure of heart and a brain. It is shown well by photos. They have embodied a fossil of heart of the adult person and a brain of the newborn child, in the presence of the contrast substance applied in experiment hundred millions years ago.
All these subjects have been collected by the person in an epoch of dinosaurs for the purpose of creation of a museum of the lost forms of a civilization.
Besides the aforesaid, it is necessary to pay attention and that the age of the found head of the dinosaur transformed to a stone, is equal to approximately three billions years, that is, it ten times exceeds an antiquity of occurrence of the dinosaurs known in a science. And as, geochemistry with geophysics prove, that on the Earth and in space there is nothing more ancient, than a granite then the teeth of other dinosaur transformed to a granite, have age of our Earth which already five billions years.
The technical progress inherent in mankind, gradually accelerating rates on a planet, promoted elimination of set of kinds of animals which inevitably entered with it the contradiction, and especially dinosaurs. At the same time, other forms of organisms, occupied space of the disappeared kinds. We were particularly convinced of it on an example of last centuries of own evolution which inconsistent essence was at all times and remains invariable.
But if hundred millions years ago the mankind had high level of technical progress, by means of which it could change world around to exclude an attack of dinosaurs on the car in the course of travel on asphalt road why so a lot of time was required for the restoration, the lost level?
Probably, periodic return of this kind of cataclysms was the main obstacle for restoration of the lost civilization. And only through long millions years, stones have been transformed into sand, by means of a wind and water in the course of what there was a gradual restoration of a fertile soil.
Whether it is valid on planets and in the nature so: stones of various structures are generated in the course of synthesis of substance, which undergoes further a mineralization?!
In this case it turns out so: organisms which absorb photons, protons, neutrons, kernels of Helium and other elementary particles, synthesize substance, and thus increase weight of a planet. Splinters of planets, comets and asteroids at falling on a star, mutually increase its weight and duration of a luminescence. It, certainly, contradicts formation of bodies by means of cold or hot merge of substance, in the absence of its synthesis in the nature, but thought up in a head of astrophysicists.
On the basis of the received facts is drawn a conclusion that people live in unity of biological forms during long time. That is why the greatest error of a modern science consists that time of disappearance of primitive forms of people destroyed by the person, by mistake is accepted as the period of occurrence of the person reasonable.
As to me I do not concern neither anthropology, nor to paleontology and archeology. Never I participate in expeditions, I do not organize special searches and consequently at all I do not know any expert from the mentioned areas of a science. However curiosity inherent in my nature compels me to pay attention and to subjects of our history. Organisms which are turned to stone, I, as a rule, find almost at a threshold of houses where I should live. Whether bring these stones from open-cast mines with gravel for a construction of roads, or from bogs with the black earth for a covering of lawns.
It is quite probable that my participation in penetration into secret of natural selection and a reproduction of viable organisms inevitably, i.e., irrespective of own desire has connected my destiny to destiny of Charles Darwin’s and, in particular, has led to detection of the people who have undergone a mineralization in an epoch of dinosaurs. What it is destiny?
About it is possible to read in published article: The secret of natural selection and a reproduction of viable organisms
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But it is more correctly told in Russian in article — • - ‘’ — ‘
According to opening of secret of natural selection and a reproduction of viable organisms here for the first time it is formulated: the Law of unity of material transitions or the Law of indissolubility of attributes of life.
Experimentally established Law in a root changes representation about development and preservation of the nature. It means that the facts which testify to preservation and nature development, by mistake, i.e. in absence of substantiation have been declared by a science in the form of independent from each other, and consequently laws perverting a reality.
So was on an example of mammals is experimentally found, criterion of health according to which operates {work}: natural selection and a reproduction of viable organisms, and also an interdiction and realization of infinite variants of pathology. The established criterion allows carrying out the control of parental levels of viability before the beginning of conception of descendants, and opens a new era in prevention of illnesses at people and animals during their reproduction.
The received result of researches completely corresponds to Darwinism and simultaneously promotes its further development.
Yours faithfully: the author of a find, researches and the owner of the patent: The method of selection and reproduction of viable organisms Dr. (Mr.) Valentine Pavlovich Dolzhenko.
The address: 125057, Moscow, City polyclinic 71, the Chapaevsky lane, the house 4, Russia.
Phone: 89096380353. An E-mail: w2002w@bk.ru
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