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Author Topic:   Creationists to give away free copies of The Origin of Species
Dr Jack
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09-23-2009 5:37 AM

You can find the story here, along with an amusing YouTube rebuttal.

Essentially, Kirk Cameron is paying to give away 50,000 copies of The Origin of the Species on university campuses on 21st November, the 150th aniversary of it's publications. These, however, will be "special" copies which include this introduction which contains all the usual spread of Creationist misinformation and ad hominem.

Interesting. On the one hand *sigh* more Creationist bullshit, on the other thousands of free copies of Darwin's compelling and brilliant work handed out by the very people who wish to surpress it. That's ironically wonderful. The idea of Christians holding yard sales to give out free copies of The Origin is a level of comic genius no Evolutionist stunt could get near.

Er, Misc topics, probably?

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09-23-2009 9:23 AM

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Thread copied to the Creationists to give away free copies of The Origin of Species thread in the Miscellaneous Topics in Creation/Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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