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Author Topic:   Maxwell&Faradayup date
Brad McFall
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03-18-2002 1:21 PM

TUE9 from Maxwell etc On Faraday's Lines of Force
I. Theory of the Motion of an incompressible Fluid.

(1) The substance here treated of must not be assumed to posses any of the properties of ordinary fluids except those of freedom of motion and resistance to compression. It is merely a collection of imiginary porperties which may be employed, for establishing theorems in pure mathematics in a way more intelligible to many minds and more applicable to physical problems than that in which algebraic symbols alone are used. The use of the word "Fluid" will not lead us into error, if we remember (ORGANISMS ARE MOSTLY WATER) that, it denotes a purely imaginary substance with the following property:

The portion of fluid which at any instant occupied a given volume, will at any succeeding instant occupy an equal volume.

This law expresses the incompressibility of the fluid and furnishes us with a convenient measure, of its quantity, namely its volume. The unit of quantity of the fluid will therefore be the unit of volume HOMOGENOUS VS HERTEROGENOUS EQUILIBRIA.

(2) The direction of motion of this fluid (NEWTON'S SPECIES AND MAGNITUDE - PRINCIPIA) will in general be different at different points of the ECOSYSTEM space which it occupies but since the direction is determinate for every such point, we may conceive, a line to begin, at any point and direction of motion at that point of space. Lines drawn in such a manner that their direction always indicates the direction of fluid motion are called lines of force of fluid motion INTO EXPLORATION OF OUTER SPACE.
If the motion of the fluid be what is called steady motion, that is, if the direction and velocity of the motion at any fixed point be independent of the time, these curves will represent the paths, of individual particles of the BELLOSOV ZABOTINSKY DISSIPATIVE STRUCURE RXN fluid, but if the motion be variable this will not generally be the case. The cases of motion which will come under our notice will be those of steady motion.STEADY MOTION OF FERMENTATION (with or without Fourier) PRODUCING PEUTRIFACTION PRODUCES (not necessarily Leibig's Law of the Minimum) A FLUID TO RECODE FROM (fundamental series physically to limiting series mentally) SUCH THAT LINES OF FLUID MOTION MAY BE SAID TO BE BIOLOGICALLY GENERATED ACROSS GENERATING AS IN A FORM OF D E A T H OR DECOMPOSITION WHERE THE STEADY MOTION OF DECOMPOSITION BEING INDEPENDENT OF THE TIME UNlike ICE AMBER FOSSILIZATION DEATH FORM, THE MOTION AT ANY POINT IS NoT FIXED ALONG WITH THE 2ND ICE/AMBER CASE UNLIKE THE THIRD OR MINERALIZATION CASE. THEREFORE MINERAL FOSSILIZATION IS N O T A CASE OF S T E A D Y MOTION CONTRARY TO EXPERIENCE

(3) If upon any surface which cuts the lines of fluid motion we draw a closed curve and if from every point of this curve we draw a line of motion these lines of motion will generate, a tubular surface which we may call a tube of fluid motion. Since this surface is generated by lines in the direction of fluid motion no part of the fluid can flow across it so that this imaginary surface is as impenetrable to the fluid as a real tube.

(4) The quantity of fluid which in unit of time crosses any fixed section of the tube, is the same at whatever part of the tube the section be taken. For the fluid is incompressible and no part tuns through the sides of the tube, therefore the quantity which escapes from the second section is equal to that which enters through the first.

If the tube be such that unit of volume passes through any section in unit of time is called a unit tube of fluid motion.

(5) In what follows, various units will be referred to, and a finite number of lines or surfaces, will be drawn, representing in termsof those units the motion of the fluid. The motion in every part of the fluid, an infinte number of lines would have to be drawn at indefinitely small intervals {DISPUTING OUT OF CONTEXT ABOUT INFINTESIMALS} but since the description of such a system of lines would involve continual reference to the theory of limits of im anc ch (Macrothermodynamic symbols) defined and fundamental series in flame spectra for any false paramaterizations from atoms to supermolecules by extra added it has been thought better to supppose POSE the lines drawn at intervals depending on the assumed unit QUASI-ISOLATED SYSTEM and afterwards to assume the unit as small as we please OR THE OTHER WAY AROUND ECONOMICALLY ACCOUNTED IN THE OTHER COLUMMN FROM ECOSYSTEM ENGINEERING by taking a small submultiple of the standard unit IT IS NOT THAT THERE IS NO SMALLER BUT AN UPPER LIMIT ON THE SIZE OF EISODE/EXODE PAIRS SHOULD THE ION DOES NOT HAVE AS LONG A FREE PATH AS THE CHEMICALLY EXPRESSED ALLEOMORPH SERIES AS IMPRESSED FORCE TENDS TO PERPETUATE THE NORMAL REPORDUCTIVE ACITIVITY WITHOUT THE TOOTH OR CLAW OR RED. (THIS IS OTHER THAN THE PRESERVE CONCEPT BUT BASES RESERVES ON THE CONSERVATION OF ENERGY NOT CONSERVATION OF WALLACE'S CO-WITH DARWIN-EVOLUTION RETURN TO PARENT FORM)

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