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Author Topic:   Francis Crick's "Molecules & Men"(preview)
Brad McFall
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10-01-2002 11:28 AM

STATMent that I could not change the title field-

This is a book review of OF MOLECULES AND MEN by Francis Crick; University of Washington Press Seattle and London 1966 to which the page numbers refer.

Statments in the book being addressed#
p.5 "A rock is much less ordered."

"When we have described one piece of rock we find that it is more a statistical object, anbd that one piece of rock is only broadly similar to another."p6

"This may turn out to be true in certain contexts, but I fail to see that it will necessarily lead to new laws."p21

"In this way the cell grows until a time comes when it is necessary for it to divide into two..."p36

"A third possibility, which to my mind is rather promising, it that when natural selection began both nucleic acid and protein existed, and that the synthesis of protein was crudely coupled to nucleic acid in the same sort of way as it is today."p69

"Presumably it is done on some repetitive principle with general instructions and then more special instructions, but the details of this are at the momemnt completely unknown."p.73

"Our brains, on the other hand, show no signs that we can see working on a binary system, and in addtion are very inaccurate." p75.

"For this reason I beleive that all university students should be taught a subject that might be called "The Map of Science"p94

"It would encourage students to consider questions to which we do not yet know the answer, but which we think there is a hope of answering within the next three-score years."p.94
"Now there are some questions that affect yus far more personally than others, and among these the working of the brain certainly ranks high."p94
"Exact knowledge is the enemy of vitalism"p

Theory-(longitudianl vs rotation) comes from Mazwell that in Crozat I read is not reading similarly or in resemplenceout now. .The theory for starters, starting just as Crick was as obnoxious to begin with, is not the missing axiom (in Journal Bio-Math discussed as a "trying") this that the Stucture (Kind of nucleic acid & GEOMETRY of Protein exterior)affords actual programatic change (containment functionality of universality) that the immune system balances energetically the ability in; the absolute charge theory to like kind use otherwise,, as a catalyst in a HOMOGENOUS chemical rxn. NOT HETEROGENEOUS.

The heterogenity arises BEYOND the population level and accounts compeletly MOLECULARLY for Darwin's notion of the wedge and ends the fruitless contribution of the philsophy of science as it attempted in the past century to really found a philosophy of biology by committing its participants to mental hospitals and venture captial went after drug discovery rather than spending to develop theorists able to understand this and
and explain Russina look of soliton in DNA not a cozy corner for BIBLE reading of vaintiy of job of Faraday and why Franklin did not get electrocuted to death--Gibbs;; cantors assumptions not mere unit. Maxwell"On the Electric Resistance of Electrolytes." 363....actually produces the current
NOw Crick has stated "The exact nature of the nucleic acid is, therefore, not particularly important" and yet this unimporantance is only useful to the student insofar as a network does not provided time provided this is found in some ICR document that this rendering of Maxwell is likewise "difficult" (meaning 'impossible') but this may NOT be the case in the Virus generalized by Crick in his text.

Francis Crkck tries to use TWO WORDS ""automatic"mechanism" to show that he has correctly read the history of biology a thought Ernst Mayr in another book "The Grwoth Of Biological Thought" thought he could extend. The probelm is that the tool 'natural selection' he uses to "center" with is not the machine that runs the bottom line that would have turned his talk into a totally destructive comment on vitalism for every center of componentibility he button holes as a actual infinity if not narratred currently pointed out by his words (larger than the critical use of Wolfram's kind of science) which seem easier to read (than whatever the anti-deterministic future criticism biologically collected could be come) as one by Richard Lewontin "construction" for any instruction (telomatic or on purpose) any law ( asethetic or simply true) contained within could teach the student who rightly seperated these in the best of reductionist traditions (application of Mathematica to BE but a part of Pascal's game etc)

Application- Crick said same as two prior posters here who said GOD is not on this earth.
Whe this was written I was only two years old so young was I that could not even understand what on another side of the pond my grandfather had written on purpose about the same biology that brought me but not this vitalism ( to the science of thermodynamics not necesarrily as Wolfram wants in HIS new scicne with the DIscrete communicaiton between Thom and Collect for any other more continuous use of theory that quatittiave biological traits seem to weigh rather heavily in Thoms favor no matter Collect and disregarding but in pracitcal terms the kind Wolfram is speciating the scietific landscape with tools to "make" in Cricks sense and some Wallace agent co-evoltution of electric current and electromotive force (virus and host) BEFORE using any abstraction into Vitalsim that Crick made it his business to mis-phase an "enemy" of ....)into the consciousness of some illusion between creation and evolution that despite this perception for thelife of some prior attention to Elasser's AND Polyanis writing not event the purpose to permit this study on the fare of a meal for which Cornell was existing did not even in the minimal of that vitalism would mean it cut some cell internal to Cricks situation (Wolfram's knowledge between quantum fields and quantum mechanics and/or planks oven as an actual charge isolated acutally found in a thoery that uses but is not limuited to the extention of the disconintuites participant BEyond Catastrophe theory thta Wolfram supplies and Lewontin could criticize if he chose of Natural Selection. for some reason by ASSUMING the very thing AD WHITE called on others to learn (to which Cornell strangely enough did not permit the science let alone the literary criticism (Boole's rule of thought applied to programs (not mere words etc diacritically etc etc)to bec ome)) I as a student in good standing and derious of doing some serious intellecutal structural work was judged to lack the finisihing of a Newtonian polish ans was deemed retarded even to the extreme of a critique of judgement in MY disibility (by law where the one common intellectual funtion was, was not fiction) we all suffered since Nietsche and Worfram is simply saying is a computation that Feynaman may have lectured otherwise on the same board etc)and Sarte etc a-e etc etc just to reproduce if not survive in this wirl world. My relations consisdered this as a dissceted disembodied but the institution I assumed permitted this study, one to study "evolution" took this the wrong genetic way on the landscape "radar" scrreen and made my case the lunatic of click and paste that I was talking about the soul that Crick shows need not appear in the biology, the excuse being naturalistically BUT NOT MATERIALLY that the faculty ahd not learned how to use computers and students were "forced" to by providing free access to word processing (THE SAME INFORMATION) and an account for time not indvidually purchased.

Things that could change this oganismic scatological view of Cricks' Newton's Central Earth into a proper rational molecular mechanics
-"ionic" current lines across proteins scaffolded in the matrix
-molecular adaptations to momentum changes by reciprocal position bioentropisms
-secondary control of protein folding by "police line do not cross" expressions under regulatory genes
-statistical mechanics of average motion across lipid/water barriers of taxa specific but unlimited ornament ability
-recessive genes "hiding" in these dynamic resesses by irreversible Macrothermodyanics due to infinite divisiblity in context of prior genetically transmitted infinite componentability support in heritability (WOfram's claim against caseof use of his own program to show so-called "convergence" in virology)
-electronic mapping
-learning coputer interface support for exploring unkwon but not unknsowable answers.
Consequences- trump card of Western contribution

Francis Crick was undable to negotiated the transit between some generalised reptile and the plethroa of warm bloods and while I had not in my onw minded eye answered or attempting to answer more of at least one question... posed...
-"our present knowledge" is not an act!

-search for virsu as the minimal isolatable charge bearer.

If "viruses are absolute charge carriers" then as Quoting Crick "exact knowledge is the enemy of vitalism" is false. This is logical and I do not relie either on x-ray crystalography or techonological binaries. I have been kicked out of the evolutioist discussion because they simply wanted something they could not have, tommarrow today (see site NAiG etc) and wanted to blame the coming of Chirst FOR ALL OF IT no matter the faith. This is the same error (on a lighter note consider age and area as a joke of Humphries's area clades) as the war against west. If NOW there is no east or west in won no norths or south science did and was map vs sspam. This is science even when I fail to "renew" it.

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